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How to Hang a Leaf Blower in Your Garage: Tips & Tricks (2023)

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tips on how to hang a leaf blower in your garageLeaf blowers are a great way to take care of your outdoor needs, but the larger models can be difficult to store in your garage. When it comes to hanging a leaf blower in the garage, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the options out there.

Whether you have a large backpack-style leaf blower or an electric model, this guide will provide tips and tricks on how best to hang yours so that it’s off the floor and tucked away safely. There are several methods for doing so – from wall brackets and storage racks through corners or roof hooks – depending on what type of leaf blower you have as well as your overall layout.

Before starting any project like this one, however, make sure you carefully consider factors such as ease of access, potential interference with other items, whether it allows for proper ventilation and air circulation, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Hanging leaf blowers on the wall using brackets is an effective storage option in the garage.
  • Utilizing unused corners of the garage for storage can help save space when hanging leaf blowers.
  • Ceiling racks are a great solution for garages with limited wall areas or low ceilings.
  • Weatherproofing techniques should be implemented to protect leaf blowers when hanging them in the garage.


tips on how to hang a leaf blower in your garage 1
You can easily store your leaf blower on the floor of your garage since up to 60% of garages have enough room to accommodate it. This is an efficient and cost-effective way of organizing, as it allows for easy access when needed and also preserves its durability by protecting it from accidental damage.

Additionally, storing a leaf blower on the ground ensures that safety protocols are met due to no power sources or gas tanks being present in the area.

Organizing a leaf blower on the floor provides more space-saving solutions compared with other storage options such as wall hooks or shelves, which may take up too much room in small spaces. Furthermore, utilizing unused corners helps create efficiency while keeping all tools neat and tidy at eye level for quick access when needed.

This also prevents people from tripping over any objects lying around in hazardous areas like walkways or driveways leading into garages.

Moreover, pulley systems mounted onto ceilings provide another option for hanging the tool without using valuable shelf real estate.

Finally, investing in specialized hangers or mounts designed specifically for storing a leaf blower might be worth considering if you want better protection against potential damage caused by bumps/shocks during transportation.

Some manufacturers offer exclusive brackets made out of high-quality steel, which could extend their lifetime significantly! Taking proper care now will help save costs down the line, so make sure to follow the instructions provided in the manual before starting the installation process for any type of mounting system within garage walls/ceilings.

Wall Bracket

Wall Bracket
Hanging a leaf blower in the garage can be made easier with wall brackets, allowing you to store it off the ground and away from possible accidents. Using wall brackets is an effective way of keeping your leaf blower clean and safe while also ensuring its durability.

Wall bracket designs come in various shapes and sizes so there’s something that will fit any space or need.

  • Cleaning: It’s important to keep dirt, dust, leaves, debris off of your equipment for longer-lasting performance. Storage racks offer easy access for cleaning purposes as well as providing safety measures against potential damage caused by falling objects or weather conditions such as hail storms.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance should be done on all tools stored inside garages. This includes checking fuel levels before use, which can easily be accomplished with hanging systems like those offered through Stihl models specifically designed for backpack-type engines! Storage racks also provide protection against accidental spills since they’re usually placed high up on walls out of reach of children’s hands.
  • Durability: By using quality materials like steel or aluminum alloy construction along with powder coating finishes, these types of shelves are able to withstand extreme temperatures without warping over time.
  • Safety: Finally, safety must always remain a top priority when dealing with combustible substances such as gasoline-powered motors found within most modern-day yard care devices. Storing these items securely away from other people (and pets) is essential, not just because it helps prevent fires but also reduces the chances of someone getting injured accidentally too! With sturdy wall-mounted systems available today, one can trust that their prized possessions stay secure until needed again next season rounds roll back around once more.

Storage Rack

Storage Rack
Storing your leaf blower with a storage rack ensures safety and stability for extended performance. A great way to free up space in the garage is by investing in an organizing system, such as wall-mounted shelves or ceiling racks, which offer neatness while providing extra support when needed.

With metal attachments designed to hold heavier items like lawnmowers, weed whackers, or even power tools, these can be easily installed and used with minimal effort!

Safety precautions should always be taken into account prior to installation. Checking weight limits of each individual part before connecting them together will help prevent any potential accidents from occurring due to overloads on the mounting options being used.

Additionally, it’s important that all installations are firmly secured so they don’t move around when using them.

When storing multiple pieces of equipment within one area, it may also be beneficial for you to consider how much room is available beforehand too. Depending on what type of setup you have (flooring vs walls), there may only be enough space left over after taking into account additional items like bicycles, etc.

Therefore, creating efficient use out of the remaining areas can save time down the road later if the need arises again soon afterwards.

Overall, hanging a leaf blower securely in your garage offers convenience as well as peace of mind, knowing that everything is stored safely away without worry about accidental damages happening either due to weather conditions outside (when not covered properly) or children playing inside the home itself.


Utilizing corners in your garage is an efficient way to maximize space and keep the leaf blower safe from damage. Unused corners of the garage can be used as a designated location for hanging or storing a leaf blower, depending on its size.

Hanging it securely from strong links like ropes or chains provides added protection while saving valuable floor space compared to other storage options.

For those with limited wall areas available, ceiling racks are another great option that allows you to hang items above car levels – perfect if there’s not enough ground clearance underneath them at all times either! Different types of pulley systems and hooks should always be utilized when setting things up here so that they don’t slip off unexpectedly; it’s especially important if heavier objects such as lawnmowers are being stored within this area too!

When setting aside an area dedicated solely towards leaf blower storage, make sure instructions regarding installation have been followed correctly before attempting any type of setup yourself (including checking weight limits).

Doing so ensures everything remains secure and ready-to-go whenever necessary in case something needs replaced quickly due to accidental wear & tear down the line later on – preserving both safety AND convenience all throughout its lifetime together with you at home then ultimately creating more peace & tranquility overall afterwards every day forevermore since now onward into eternity.

Roof Hook

Roof Hook
You can utilize roof hooks to securely store your leaf blower, raising it up above car levels and freeing up precious floor space. Roof hook storage is a great option for those with limited wall areas available or garages that have low ceilings.

Before attempting any type of installation, make sure to read the instructions carefully and check weight limits so that everything remains secure in place once set-up is complete.

When selecting a size of hook for hanging purposes, always bear in mind how much weight it needs to support.

In order for maximum safety precautions when using a roof hook storage area inside the garage floor though still apply – ensure all items are tightly secured at all times and never leave them unattended even if you’re only taking quick breaks away from the workstation either regularly or sporadically throughout the day or night shifts respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to hang a leaf blower in my garage?

The best way to hang a leaf blower in your garage depends on the available space and other tools. Consider using wall brackets, storage racks, ropes, and shelves or even ceiling hooks for quick access.

Are there any safety considerations when hanging a leaf blower in my garage?

Safety is paramount when hanging a leaf blower in your garage. Consider the weight, any potential spills or fire hazards, and check the instructions from your manual before mounting it on walls or shelves.

Utilize specialized brackets for better protection and to maximize its lifespan.

Are there any special instructions for hanging a Stihl blower?

Hanging a Stihl blower requires special instructions to ensure its safety and longevity. Symbolically, it’s like hanging the keys to success – take your time and get it right! Refer to your manual for specific directions on how best to secure your device in the garage.

How do I safely store a backpack leaf blower?

To safely store a backpack leaf blower, disconnect it from power and seal the gas tank. Hang or use a storage container, ensuring to follow any specific instructions in its owner’s manual. This will protect your blower from accidental damage and prevent spills or fire hazards.

How can I save space when storing a leaf blower in my garage?

Save space when storing your leaf blower by using wall storage systems, standing shelves, ceiling racks, or cabinet storage. Choose an option based on the layout of your garage and consider a specialized hanger or mount for extra protection.


The best way to hang a leaf blower in a garage is highly dependent on the available space and the other tools you may have stored there. However, it’s generally accepted that wall brackets, storage racks, corners, and roof hooks are all great options for hanging a leaf blower.

Whatever method you choose, it’s important to make sure you store the leaf blower correctly to ensure its long-term durability. Hanging your leaf blower not only saves space in your garage but also helps protect it from accidental damage.

If you want to keep your leaf blower in top condition, consider hanging it up in your garage.

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