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Tips on How to Hang a Leaf Blower in Your Garage (2023)

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When the fall season comes all over, seeing leaves all more than the area is to be anticipated. When 1 might consider that utilizing a broom or a rake to clean them away would be adequate, it is not possible to do so every single day. This is wherever a leaf blower comes in.

While a leaf blower is an exceptionally helpful device, due to its dimension, storing a leaf blower can turn out to be problematic, specifically if you have restricted storage area. So to make sure efficiency and stay away from any clutter, organization and a good setup are needed.

Can You Hang Leaf Blower in Your Garage?

A garage is 1 of the best destinations to shop your leaf blower. It is a wonderful way to hold your products protected from any thefts or climate troubles. A number of homes by now have a connected or a detached garage, so no supplemental expenses will need to be incurred to shop a leaf blower.

But it is equally critical to make sure that your garage is not filled to the brim with different things, which will boost the probability of your leaf blower having broken.

Let’s get a appear at some of the approaches in which you can hang a leaf blower in your garage.


Hanging your leaf blower by the hooks is 1 of the best and most effortless approaches to shop it in a garage. This technique will cut down the possibilities of the leaf blower from breaking or put on and tear and reduce people today from tripping on it.

To set up robust and sturdy hooks in your garage, make positive you brush up on your comprehending of the resources needed.

Present Shelves

If you really don’t want to set up any hooks or by now have shelves in the area, then there is absolutely nothing far better than a storage rack wherever you can hold your leaf blower. If you are wanting to shop a fuel blower, then it is advisable that you do so with its engine dealing with downwards.

Even so, in advance of you do so, bear in mind that leaf blowers are bulky. So make positive that there is ample area on your shelves and that they are not also substantial.

On the Floor

If your garage has a whole lot of area or if you have run out of solutions, then preserving your leaf blower on the floor may be the only possible solution. To make sure that your leaf blower will be securely stored on the ground, hold it with the engine side down.

For this, garage organizations is important. Make positive that you really don’t depart the products in the middle of the garage to stay away from people today tripping more than it all the time. Rather, clean up a corner of your garage and eliminate all the clutter. This will make it possible for you to attain the leaf blower with no any trouble and hold the area clean and dry.


Garage Workbench

A workbench is a substantial, sturdy table that is meant for guide perform. If you can, set up a substantial-sized workbench with sufficient area beneath it.

This way, you can shop your leaf blower in the storage area, and you can both perform or hold other resources and other things on the workbench.


If your garage is filled to the brim, there is 1 far more area wherever you can shop your leaf blower — the ceiling. Ceiling storage can be a wonderful area to hold your items, presented you know how to use it.

To convert your ceiling into a storage area, you can both use hooks or a leaf blower hanger. You can also develop a storage procedure on the ceiling with the aid of pull-ropes to increase or decrease your items as and when you will need them.

Wall Mount Storage Rack

Just like ceiling storage, a wall mount storage rack can be set up when there is a lack of area in your garage. Wall mount storage racks are hefty-duty, have a lot of area, and can shop substantial-sized products of this kind of as a leaf blower.

Also, you can also use your wall areas for backpack leaf blower storage and be assured that your leaf blower will be protected from any injury.

If you are wanting to shop far more than just a leaf blower, generating wall shelves is also an excellent solution.

Wall Mount

A further possible solution for people brief on area, a leaf blower wall mount, is a form of wall bracket that can be connected to a wall – comparable to how you would shop for a shovel. It will have a designated area for you to hold your leaf blower.

Wall mounts ordinarily do not occupy a whole lot of area. Even so, it is critical to know how to drill the walls to develop a safe wall mount for your leaf blower.

How Can I Produce a Shelf to Shop My Leaf Blower?

If you are wanting to develop a homemade shelf to shop your leaf blower, there are numerous DIY suggestions you can use. You can also select from a multitude of types for making your racks and customize its dimension and the quantity of compartments.

Let’s have a appear at the ways you can adhere to to make your very own DIY shelves.

# 1. Opt for the Style of Wood

Begin by deciding on the form of wood you want to use to develop your shelf — hardwood, plywood, or softwood.

# 2. Ascertain the Measurements

Now that you have made a decision the form of wood you want to use, right here comes the most critical element — measurements. Use your measuring tape to determine the vertical distance in between the ceiling and the best shelf. The area you give in between the topmost shelf and the ceiling must be an even quantity.

If you want to develop a stack of shelves, make sure that the distance in between two shelves is in between 12 and 15 inches.

Last but not least, make positive that you offer adequate area in between the dial shelf and the floor. This will make it possible for you to shop the heavier things on the decrease shelves and the lighter products on the upper shelves although also stopping the shelf from crashing down.

# 3. Divide and Set up

The moment you have taken the measurements, it is time to get into action. Begin by cutting and dividing the wood. Then, set up the ledgers for the shelves, set up screws on each and every stud, and eventually, screw in your wood.

Your shelf is now prepared. Go ahead and start off storing all your items.

How to Sustain a Leaf Blower

How To Maintain A Leaf Blower

Just like any other outside products, a leaf blower needs upkeep as properly. Right here are a handful of tips that will aid you hold your leaf blower excellent as new.

Wipe it Down

Each time you use your leaf blower, make positive you clean it with a damp cloth. Do not neglect to clean the locations all over the filter, fan blades, and carburetor. Examine on the air filter on a normal basis for clogs and other debris.

Disconnect the Electrical power

If you have a leaf blower with a battery charger or is electrically corded, make positive that you disconnect it or unplug it soon after every single use.

If the blower will get moist, make sure that you wipe off all the water, clean it with a dry towel or cloth, and disassemble it if you can to make sure it will get far more surface location for dryness.


Leaf blowers are helpful resources for getting rid of leaves that clutter your yard in the course of the fall season but can be tough to shop.

With this record of how to hang a leaf blower in your garage, you now have numerous solutions to optimize your storage although guaranteeing the security of your products.

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