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Toro 51619 Vs Black and Decker Bv5600: a Complete Guide (2022)

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If you’re searching for the best leaf blower of 2019, you could want to compare the Toro 51619 vs Black and also Decker bv 5600. Both are terrific models, however, which one is the best for your yard this fall?

Loss is a gorgeous season. Regrettably, if you have a huge backyard, it is easy to weary of the leaves. While commonly raking is fantastic for building some top body muscular tissue, it bores as well as uninteresting. This is why several individuals are looking to the leaf blower as the ultimate option to the “fall rainfall” of leaves.

Have a look at this fast guide to aid you make a choice in the fight of Toro 51619 vs. Black as well as Decker bv 5600.

Toro 51619

The Toro 51619 is a traditional and also basic fallen leave blower qualified of blowing leaves approximately 250 miles per hour. It features a big metal impeller as well as a distinct red color, along with brand-new mulching capacities to help you really mess some leaves up.

In terms of the essentials, this leaf blower weighs around 8.5 pounds. and also includes a vacuum tube to gobble unwanted fallen leaves that can then be ground. A useful towel bag is affixed to the blower throughout the mulching procedure so you can bring your spoils to another area.

The blower is corded, so you will need to maintain it plugged in while in usage. It also has variable speeds so you can adjust the power and also rapidity of you assault against the feared autumn leaves.

Full item dimensions come in at around 9 x 41 x 14 in.

Black and Decker bv5600

The Black and also Decker bv5600 resemble the Toro 51619 in lots of means. Specifically, it is designed to be a 3-in-1 fallen leave blower, vacuum, and also mulching kit to make it much easier to handle the leaves in your backyard. This design considers around 8 pounds. and has full product dimensions of 15.6 x 20.8 x 9.9 in., which is fairly square for a leaf blower.

This is a corded electric model efficient in blowing up to 250 mph. The speed varies and also can be readjusted down to 180 mph. The Black as well as Decker bv5600 include sound wetting features and also feature a fabric bag for better mulching.

This design has a 12 amp motor as well as can produce a specifically fine compost.

What to Look for In a 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower

Electric fallen leave blowers are excellent for a person that does not want the weight or problem of a gas-powered version. They are made to be lightweight, hassle-free, as well as very easy for somebody who is smaller sized to utilize.

When an electrical leaf blower is integrated with a vacuum as well as a mulcher, the most vital function to consider is just how very easy the tool is to make use of.

  • Can you switch in between the functions conveniently?
  • Does each element job properly?
  • Are you able to lug the maker without it considering you down?

If you address yes to every one of these inquiries, then you have the ideal gadget for you. If your 3-in-1 electric fallen leave blower does not satisfy these credentials, then you will want to locate a far better model to much better address your autumn requires.


The other main certifying quality of a leaf blower is its weight. We all wish to think we are the toughest person worldwide, yet the reality is most modern-day human beings are weaker than their predecessors would have been.

When you acquire an electrical leaf blower, especially one that has a vacuum and also a butcher, you intend to seriously consider just how hefty the tool is. If you purchase something that is over 10 lbs., weaker people are mosting likely to battle to carry it around the backyard often.

Mulching Capabilities

It isn’t daily that you can purchase a machine that will certainly make compost for you. Mulch is product developed to improve soil and supply nutrients when you intend to yard, expand yard, or nurture various other plants. Given that it is made of rotting issue, being able to transform the leaves in your backyard to a useful function is a wonderful professional for the customers of 3-in-1 electric leaf blowers.

When you are considering any design which claims to have mulching capacities, you wish to see to it the gadget can place cash where its mouth is. Examine the motor, take an appearance at the going along with the bag, and see if it as very easy to make compost as the sales pitches assert. If the system continuously jams or stops working to damage down material effectively, after that it is unworthy the cash.

Other Features

Ultimately, you desire to have a look at some basic attributes like blowing speed, vacuum cleaner ability, and also general product dimensions. The typical rate for an outside blower is between 180 as well as 250 mph, as well as the vacuum ought to be capable of holding numerous pounds of material.


Both the Toro 51619 and the Black and Decker bv5600 are fantastic examples of exactly how a 3-in-1 fallen leave blower should function. Although they seem comparable at the outset, they do have some vital differences which affect exactly how well every one features in the field.

As a whole, the Black and also Decker bv5600 is easier to deal with, with a seamless shift in between each of the three main tools. The mulcher is also more effective in this design than that of the Toro 51619, which is much more fit to light-weight work.

On the other hand, the Toro 51619 is optimal for a person who bothers with the length of the cord affixed to their electric devices. This model is extremely mobile and wonderful for a person that has a bigger lawn that needs regular upkeep.

Besides these main features which stand out, there is not a great deal of distinction in between these two tools.


So, which one is far better?

In the fight of the Toro 51619 vs. Black and Decker bv 5600, I prefer the Black and Decker bv5600 for its smoother transitions between the fallen leave blower, vacuum, as well as a mulcher. It also has a more effective engine and also is lighter than the Toro 51619, making it optimal for routine use.

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