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Comparing Toro 51619 & Black & Decker: Which is Better? (2023)

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toro 51619 vs black and deckerReady to compare the Toro 51619 and Black & Decker 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower? Here’s an interesting fact: leaf blowers are becoming increasingly popular, with sales growing by over 300% in recent years! But which one should you choose for your needs? In this article, we’ll be looking at both models side by side and giving you our verdict on which one is better.

You’ll get all the details of their features, performance comparisons, as well as some tips for choosing the right 3-in-1 electric leaf blower.

Key Takeaways

  • Toro 51619 offers more power and efficiency compared to competitors.
  • Black & Decker BV6600 has a price advantage over Toro 51619.
  • Both models have low noise levels and are lightweight.
  • Choosing the right leaf blower depends on personal preference and specific needs.

Toro 51619 Vs Black & Decker: Which is Better?

toro 51619 vs black and decker 1
You need a powerful and efficient leaf blower for yard clean-up, so it’s worth considering which of these two models – the Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 or Black & Decker BV6600 – is better suited to your needs.

Both offer 3-in-1 functionality as a blower, vacuum, and mulcher. The Toro model has an impressive metal impeller that shreds leaves quickly, while its quick-release latch makes it easy to empty the bags when full.

It also features variable speed settings depending on how much power you need for different tasks around the garden or yard.

The Black & Decker BV6600 offers superior power efficiency compared to other electric leaf blowers out there, thanks largely due to its 12 amp motor reaching speeds up to 250 mph at the maximum setting.

It grinds up 16 bags of mulch into one bag, making disposal easier than ever before! Additionally, it comes with safety features like auto shut off when using the vacuum attachment. User reviews are generally positive regarding ease of use. Price comparison between both models favors slightly towards BLACK + DECKER but only by $10-$15 dollars difference.

Both brands have established reputations in terms of the best quality tools available today, making either option ideal for cleaning your lawn or garden effectively. However, if you’re looking for ultimate performance from a home gardening tool, then the likely best bet would be the TORO Ultra Blower Vac 51619, as it offers more raw power and efficiency without sacrificing too much sound output compared to its competitors.

In short, choosing the right leaf blower depends largely upon the type, weight, noise level, vibration, and multiple functions offered by a particular brand’s reputation associated with the product itself.

Features of the Toro 51619

Features of the Toro 51619
The Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 boasts a powerful metal impeller and a quick-release latch for quick and effortless yard clean up that will blow you away! This 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher has a variable speed setting to customize the power.

Its oscillating air nozzle helps reduce the impact of vibration while still providing maximum efficiency.

The leaf vacuums have a two-year warranty from Toro, which adds reassurance when purchasing this product. With its lightweight design weighing in under 10 lbs, it is easy to maneuver around your garden with minimal effort required.

The noise level emitted by the Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 is much lower than gas-powered machines, making it perfect for those who want an efficient machine without all of the fuss or need their neighbors’ approval before using it in the early mornings or late evenings! In terms of brand reputation, Toro offers reliable products that are second only to BLACK+DECKER in terms of quality tools available today.

So you can be sure you will get great value out of this purchase, as well as peace of mind knowing your investment won’t let you down anytime soon.

Choosing between these two renowned brands really comes down to personal preference, but one thing is certain: both Black & Decker BV6600 and Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 provide excellent options when looking for powerful yet lightweight 3-in-1 leaf blowers capable of completing most tasks quickly and efficiently, whatever size area needs cleaning up – whether small gardens or large yards alike! Allowing users to choose between multiple functions such as blowing leaves off hard surfaces like driveways into piles ready for bagging up, plus grinding 16 bags’ worth of mulch into a single bag, makes either model an ideal choice as an all-rounder home gardening tool.

Features of the Black & Decker 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower,View On Amazon
Experience the power of a BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower to quickly and efficiently clean up leaves in your yard with its 12 amp motor, variable speed selections for customized power, disposable leaf bag system, and more!

This corded electric blower/vacuum/mulcher features a maximum speed of 250 mph and can grind up to 16 bags of mulch down to one. The machine is lightweight at 8.1 pounds, making it easy to handle when tackling larger outdoor jobs or working on hard surfaces like driveways.

It also comes with necessary accessories such as a blow tube, vacuum tube, and concentrator for added convenience.

The airspeed control allows you to customize the amount of force needed without having an unimaginable blast that could damage delicate plants or flowers nearby while still getting rid of stubborn debris from pathways or sidewalks easily.

For those who want their garden looking pristine all year round yet don’t have time nor energy lugging around heavy machinery – or simply prefer something quieter than gas-powered models – then Black & Decker’s 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower offers both superior performance plus reliability combined with ease of use thanks to its user-friendly design that will make cleaning tasks a much less daunting task than before! Furthermore, due to popular demand among customers and the great brand reputation enjoyed by BLACK+DECKER products today, it means you’re definitely investing in a quality product not soon forgotten anytime soon either.

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around gardens
  • Variable speed selection provides customizable power
  • Disposable leaf bag system collects debris quickly
  • Low noise level (68 dB) keeps neighbors happy
  • Safety feature prevents accidental injuries
  • Some users reported difficulty lining up the vacuum attachment correctly
  • May not have enough suction power desired by some users
  • Product requires an extension cord since it is mains powered.

Performance Comparison: Toro 51619 Vs Black & Decker

Performance Comparison: Toro 51619 Vs Black & Decker
Compare the power and convenience of a Toro 51619 to the BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower – deciding which one is right for you has never been easier!

When it comes to mulching power, both blowers boast impressive specs. The Black & Decker offers up to 16 bags of mulch per grind, while the Toro packs an impressive 18 plus leaf bags.

Both offer variable speed controls, allowing users to customize their air speed and adjust as needed for different projects around your home or garden. Plus, they both feature lightweight designs that make them easy on your arms when tackling larger outdoor jobs or working on hard surfaces like driveways with ease.

When selecting between these two models, noise level should be taken into consideration too. At 68dB, Black & Decker’s model runs significantly quieter than its counterpart from Toro (75dB).

Weight balance also matters; weighing in at 8 lbs., B&D’s version will help reduce fatigue during extended use compared with 10 lbs.

Finally, when looking at price points, neither machine breaks the bank, yet each comes equipped with features specific enough to meet individual needs.

From powerful motors packing plenty of punch to get tough jobs done quickly, down to manageable weights ensuring the user doesn’t end the day feeling exhausted before the task is complete, there’s no wrong choice here – just remember to think about what best fits your needs so you can select the perfect leaf vacuum and keep stress to a minimum while achieving maximum results every time you reach out to handle this season, again next year, and beyond.

Choosing the Right 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower

Choosing the Right 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower
You can easily decide between the Toro 51619 and the BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, both of which have an array of features to maximize your yard clean-up efforts.

The BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 has a power boost button and a zipper-free bag for convenience. On the other hand, the Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619 boasts a metal impeller and a quick-release latch.

Meanwhile, the BLACK+DECKER BV6600 is equipped with grinds that can handle up to 16 bags of mulch in one go.

Lastly, the Black & Decker LSW321 Cordless blower operates quietly at 68dB, yet still offers 25 minutes worth of runtime – perfect if you don’t have much time on your hands!

When selecting between these two models, other factors like noise level, vibration levels, and weight balance should also be taken into consideration. For instance, the lightweight design of Toro’s model (10lbs) makes it easier on the user’s arms when tackling larger outdoor jobs compared to the 8 lbs of BLACK+DECKER’s version, which reduces fatigue during extended use.

Moreover, both models come equipped with powerful motors packing plenty of airspeed, ranging from 250 mph respectively. This allows users to customize their projects around the home or garden without sacrificing comfort either way! Also included are shoulder straps, making them a great option for mowing leaf vacuum catchment bags.

In short, both models offer reliable and efficient functionalities backed by reputable brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Toro 51619 come with a warranty?

Yes, the Toro 51619 comes with a two-year warranty. It promises reliable service and peace of mind when tackling your yard cleanup needs.

How much noise does the Black & Decker 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower produce?

The Black & Decker 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower produces a surprisingly low noise level, allowing you to clean up around your yard without causing disruption. Its lightweight design and easy handling make it ideal for all kinds of outdoor tasks.

Is the Toro 51619 suitable for wet leaves?

Yes, the Toro 51619 is suitable for wet leaves. Its metal impeller and quick-release latch make it easy to handle, while its two speeds provide an efficient cleanup of any type of debris.

Is the Black & Decker 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower cordless?

No, the BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower is not cordless. It is powered by a 12-amp motor and requires an electrical outlet to operate. Its variable speed selections offer customized power, and it can grind up to 16 bags of mulch down to one with its disposable leaf bag system.

Does the Toro 51619 have a power boost button?

No, the Toro 51619 does not include a power boost button. It features a metal impeller and a quick-release latch for efficient leaf collection.


In conclusion, it is clear that both the Toro 51619 and the Black & Decker 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower are powerful and reliable tools for clearing away leaves and other debris. Depending on your needs, one may be better suited than the other. The Toro 51619 is lightweight and has two speeds with a two-year warranty.

The Black & Decker 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower has a high-impact metal fan, variable speed settings, and a disposable leaf bag system. Choosing the right leaf blower is like finding the missing piece to a puzzle; you just have to find the one that fits the best.

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