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Hedge Trimmer With a Battery Vs Gas Full Guide of 2023

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Pruning your bushes is essential for maintaining them healthy and balanced and also protecting against disease by making certain sufficient air flow. However, not all tools are created the exact same. That might lead you to ask which one is better for the work, a hedge trimmer with a battery or gas? Let’s look into what can sway your option to one camp over one more.

1. Black Decker MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Black Decker MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer is an exceptional choice for hedges up to 0.75 inches. It has a 24-inch, dual-action blade powered by a 40-volt, lithium-ion battery The layout and also weight make it very easy to maneuver. Whatever you need is included with your acquisition, including a hand guard for added security.


  • The charge time is good at regarding one hour.
  • The device is Energy Star -certified.
  • It is lightweight enough to make trimming more manageable.


  • The trimmer jams when utilizing it in thick bushes.

2. WorkPro Cordless Trimmer

The WorkPro Cordless Trimmer is a superb choice if you only have a tiny location to cover. You can also use it to reduce lawn as opposed to a weed whacker. Its compact dimension allows you to enter into tight spaces. It can cut plants as much as 0.4 inches in diameter.


  • The trimmer is affordably valued.
  • It is lightweight at simply over 1 extra pounds.
  • It has both a security lock and a security trick.


  • The charge time is fairly long at 3 to 5 hours.

3. Echo HC-152 Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

The Echo HC-152 Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer is a sensible option if you require the large guns. The 21 cc engine is powerful sufficient for the majority of jobs. The huge, cushioned manages to make it simple to use. It has a 20-inch, dual-action blade that cuts thoroughly as well as easily.


  • The ergonomic style makes it simpler to use.
  • The two-stroke engine launches quickly.
  • The trimmer packs lots of power for handling thick growth.


  • You have to take the trimmer to an authorized supplier to fix warranty issues.

4. Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

The Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer is an audio financial investment if you have a great deal of ground to cover as well as thicker branches. It has a 22-inch, dual-action blade that finishes any kind of work. The USA-made product has a 23 cc engine and evaluates in at just over 11 extra pounds.


  • The trimmer can reduce with branches up to 1 inches in size.
  • It has anti-vibration dampeners that make it more comfy to use.
  • The supplier backs up their item with a two-year warranty.


  • The rotating manage takes a bit to obtain used to in the beginning.

5. Tanaka TCH22EAP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer

The Tanaka TCH22EAP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer is a flexible item with a comfy layout that is very easy to use. It is reasonably lightweight at simply 9.5 extra pounds. It has a 21 cc, two-stroke engine and also a 20-inch, dual-sided blade. The latter has rounded ideas for extra safety and security.


  • The forward exhaust secures your plants from the warm discharges of the engine.
  • Your purchase includes a tool kit for making on-the-fly modifications.
  • The trimmer has a seven-year guarantee.


  • There are occasional quality assurance concerns with the fuel line.

Getting Guide and also Comparison

There are numerous functions to take into consideration when getting a hedge trimmer with a battery in gas along with the source of power. Other aspects include:

  • Dimensions and weight of the device
  • Convenience issues
  • Sort of tasks

Let’s start with the power inquiry.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers

This alternative has several points in its support. It is mobile to make sure that you can go where you require to work without the worry of dragging an electric cable behind you. That truth addresses a substantial security worry when making use of these kinds of power tools. You’ll appreciate it if you’re producing a topiary There are also no fumes or gas blends.

On the downside, the battery adds weight. As well as you’ll feel it after a number of mins cutting your bushes. It also limits just how much you can do in a session before you need to charge it. We recommend that you make sure that the charger is part of your purchase. You may intend to think about an extra battery also.

Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

If you have a great deal of bushes, this option is the means to go. Fanning can enable you to finish the task in one session. Likewise, if you have older or thicker hedges, it will have the necessary power to do the job rapidly.

Nonetheless, you have to use the correct fuel-mix ratio if you’re utilizing a two-stroke design. That contributes to the mess and also upkeep of using these tools. You might likewise discover that they are more expensive. That’s usually, since they are a lot more effective.

Measurements and Weight

Check the size of the blade and the total dimension to make certain that it’s long enough to reach the entire hedge, particularly if you have actually limited access on all sides. We ‘d also suggest inspecting the weight for comparison too. Ten pounds may not sound like a whole lot– until you’ve utilized it.

Some manufacturers will offer various other specs such as reducing strokes per min to assist you assess the efficiency of the various items.

Convenience as well as Safety

Try to find a hedge trimmer with an ergonomic manage, ideally with a hand guard as well. We recommend that you use handlebar covers while utilizing these tools. However, a comfortable hold is a superb start. Lots of items have anti-vibration elements to make it simpler for you to hold it. It is an attribute worth looking for.

Sort of Job

A lot of items will provide a girth with which the blade can reduce. A figure of 0.75 inches will cover most hedges. If you require something larger, you can constantly select one more kind of tool in enhancement to the hedge trimmer, such as a post saw or lopper.

Best 3 Brands

Black Decker

The name Black Decker is identified with affordable power devices. It is among the many subsidiaries of Stanley Black Decker. The business has a long background going back to 1910.


WorkPro generates a wide variety of hand as well as power tools for both domestic and industrial use. The company prides itself on making high quality tools for obtaining professional-looking results.

Greenworks Tools

Greenworks Tools is the new kid in town with ingenious lithium-ion modern technology. Its objective is to give environment-friendly devices that does not endanger on power or performance.

Regularly Asked Questions

Q: Which hedge trimmer is best

A: Efficiency is our primary criterion for these items. That means getting one that can reduce easily and swiftly, regardless of what the source of power.

Q: How do you cut a hedge

A: Timing is essential. Begin by promoting air flow within the plants by eliminating dead branches and also particles. Plan on cutting regarding one-quarter of the older component of the shrubs to motivate brand-new growth.

Q: What upkeep is entailed with a gas-powered hedge trimmer

A: You ought to oil the blade after each use. That will certainly avoid rust and permit it to cut smoothly the following time you utilize it. It’s necessary to use the recommended fuel mix as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Final Thoughts

Trimming your bushes is important both for the look and also wellness of your plants. The discussion about a hedge trimmer with a battery or gas starts with the size of the task. Thankfully, you have a lot of options to make it a lot more workable regardless of exactly how huge of a yard you have.

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