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How to Use Lava Rocks for a Fire Pit + Gas Fire Pits Full Guide of 2022

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Lava rock is created naturally when volcanic lava climbs to the surface area, cools, and also launches gases. This generates the rocks coarse look. They’re normally forgiving of high temperatures, making them great for use in gas fire pits In this short article, we’ll be reviewing how to use lava rocks for a fire pit!

Why Use Lava Rocks?

With their rustic appearance, lava rocks for all-natural gas fire pits are a prominent option and also can also be used in an indoor gas fire Sandstone, river rocks, natural rocks, as well as gravel are not perfect for gas fire pits since they are extra most likely to fracture or blow up under high warmth. Lava rock is a much more secure choice as well as having numerous advantages:

Heat Retention

Lava rocks excel at this and distribute warm uniformly and for an extended duration. This is really beneficial for gas fire pits, supplying overall long-lasting heat without any cold areas.


A layer of lava rocks in your fire pit (concerning three to four inches) can safeguard the fire pit’s heater throughout all sorts of weather. As lava rock is water-resistant, it can assist relocate water to your fire pit’s drain system.

Shield the Burner

When you light your gas fire pit, the gas moves with voids in the lava rock and also keeps the fire burning on the top. The fire and the warmth are at the top of the fire pit. The lava rock protects the burner from that severe heat since it has outstanding insulating residential or commercial properties. This helps the heater perform much better and also prolongs its life.


Due to its volcanic beginning , lava rock can withstand very heats and also will certainly not crumble or come to be damaged. It needs really little upkeep and is very long lasting, so it can be used repeatedly. It is environmentally friendly, light-weight has no ingredients or chemicals, and also maintains its color well over time. Lava rock is also reasonably low-cost. If your lava rock is revealed to the sunlight for extended periods, it is an excellent idea to cover your fire pit when not being used.

How To Arrange Lava Rocks On A Gas Fire Pit

Before you start organizing lava rocks on your fire pit, there are a couple of actions to take.

When you get your bag of fire pit rocks from the distributor, understand that there may be dirt guaranteed, as a result of just how the rocks are sourced– they are accumulated from a lava area as well as tumbled.

Lots of people put a layer of pea crushed rock or sand under of the fire pit initially (concerning an inch) as a structure, and after that lay the lava rock on the top.

The majority of fire pits requirements in between 2 and four inches of lava rocks. Each fire pit is different, and also yours will certainly have directions regarding the amount needed.

It is a good idea to use tiny lava rocks for your initial layer of rock on the gas fire pit. Fill the pit to simply above the burner element. The small fire rocks, which fit snugly together, will certainly give you an excellent foundation for your succeeding layer which might be lava rocks, or fire glass, as an alternative, if you can manage this.

You will require to figure out exactly how much fire pit rock you need to get. This will depend on the shape of your fire pit as well as the called for depth of lava rocks.

Lava rocks for fire pits are offered in various sizes (generally between 1/4 inches and also 6 inches, and a couple of colors– generally red or black/gray. Lava rock that is 1 to 3 inches in size is the most typical choice for fire pit usage.

Only use authentic lava rock in gas fire pits; do not make use of synthetic lava rock designed for use in planters or yards.

When you light the burner, you can relocate the rocks around carefully with a Texas hold’em, which can assist you to get the fires right into a shape you more than happy with. The very first time you use your lava rock, do not approach the fire pit for concerning 30 mins after lighting it. New lava rocks can consist of small amounts of dampness, which will certainly need to shed away. The lava rock will certainly give off a “standing out” sound. Stand well clear of the fire pit until that sound does not happen any more.

As a basic guideline, never ever use damp lava rock in your fire pit as this can blow up or fly out of the pit, as well as trigger injuries to people or pet dogs close by.

You can place some ceramic logs on top of red lava rock if you like. This produces the appearance of an all-natural log fire as the lava rocks allow the flames to flicker up around the logs.

What Are The Alternatives to Lava Rock?

While lava rocks has lots of advantages, some individuals do not like its appearance, possibly assuming it is also rustic in appearance. There is not a vast range of colors or sizes offered, so you might want to check out various other choices.

Fire Glass

This is not glass, as you recognize it since typical glass will certainly become too hot in a fire pit as well as blow up.

These fire glass crystals have been via a tempering procedure to make them fire safe, as well as warmth resistant to withstand high temperatures. Fire glass grains do not thaw, melt, or discolor. Fire glass is also electric and also discharges no residue or ash.

Firepit glass beads have a various look to lava rocks as they have smooth sleek surfaces, as well as being sparkly. This escalates the fire from your firepit. It makes the flames flicker, glimmer, and beam vibrantly, also extra so on really dark evenings. This can be very atmospheric. Fire glass beads are usually smaller than lava rocks and also have a more consistent form, which allows them to spread heat equally.

Once lava glass warms up, it creates an intense and effective warmth resource because of its reflective nature. Like lava rocks, fire glass is a good warm conductor.

Fire pit glass is available in a large range of shades as well as sizes, allowing you to mix as well as match.

One of the most usual form for the fire glass in your exterior fire pits is a mound that is a little greater in the middle.

Many individuals chose to place fire glass on top of the lava rock they have actually currently stocked the fire pit. This is perfectly acceptable as well as being affordable considering that fire glass costs greater than lava rocks. If you have the budget to do this, lava rocks and also fire glass go together well– making certain warm is dispersed efficiently, crucial fire pit aspects are protected, and you obtain a bigger variety of design options for your fire pit. If you selected this layering option, go for your fire pit to include regarding 20-25 % fire glass.

If you make use of fire glass as the leading layer, with lava rocks on the base, arrange the fire glass heavily enough, so the lava rock comes to be primarily undetectable. If you utilize darker tinted fire glass this will hide the lava rock extra properly

Fire glass has a long life yet may shed some of its glimmer in time. The fire glass beads do occasionally chip as well.

Fire glass will certainly show dirt and also residue greater than lava rocks, and also you will certainly require cleaning the fire glass grains periodically. You will need to eliminate the fire glass beads as well as laundry (you can make use of recipe soap) thoroughly wash and dry them. This is a possibility to get rid of any type of particles from the fire pit at the same time as well as tidy the burner pan.

Tumbled Lava Rock

This is a lava stone that has had the harsh edges gotten rid of, so they are extra rounded and also uniform in form than conventional lava rock. Use this as a base, if you desire, or load your fire pit totally with it.


Sand is an additional alternative for filling your gas fire pit. It can be utilized with lava rocks and/or fire glass, or by itself. It will not have as appealing an appearance but is really cost-effective if you are on a spending plan, as well as being simple to mount. It additionally is great at heat circulation. Ash can obtain blended up in the sand, nevertheless, producing a mess, specifically if it splashes when it will need to be changed.


This is a really inexpensive, warm immune, as well as easy to mount alternative for your fire pit. Yet there are many disadvantages. The ash from your fire can obtain blended in the dust and also make a mess, which is tedious to tidy up if it splashes. You would certainly need to shovel it out and also change it. So this is a relatively high maintenance option.

The Very Best Lava Rocks for Gas Fire Pits

Since we’ve discussed why lava rock is a terrific option for gas fire pits, and various other choices that you can take into consideration, allow’s take a look at our favorite lava rock alternatives for your fire pit:

1. Venetian Princess Lava Rocks

With hundreds of favorable evaluations, this Venetian Princess Lava Rock is plainly an exceptional option for gas fire pits This listing can be found in a pack of 10 pounds of lava rocks at much less than $ 20, making it a budget-friendly alternative. If you have numerous gas fire pits on your residential or commercial property, or a really huge gas fire pit, this option is also available in a 40-pound bag.

This lava rock is available for purchase in a rustic red color, or in black to best matches your outside decor.

What We Like:

  • Readily available in a 10 and also 40-pound bags to satisfy your demands
  • Can be found in a rustic red color or black
  • Thousands of favorable evaluations
  • Budget friendly

2. Dragon Glass Lava Pebbles

These attractive lava pebbles are sourced from Asia and have a lovely gray oblong appearance. They’re surprisingly inexpensive as well as come in bags of 20-pounds of rock. You can purchase these lave stones in a single bag, 2 bags, 3 bags, up to 4 bags (a total amount of 80 pounds of rocks) to suit your demands best

What We Like:

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Strong adequate for use in gas fire pits
  • Collected from all-natural resources
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes in 20-pound packs of 1, 2, 3, or 4 (up to 80 extra pounds of rocks)

Firepit Safety

Fire pits bring atmosphere and beauty to your yard. For some individuals, they are evocative wonderful nights invested around a campfire in the countryside. Keep in mind that safety is an important consideration due to the fact that fire is entailed. There are some crucial points to keep in mind to ensure your firepit experience is a safe one:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and also ensure it is in excellent working order
  • Use security handwear covers when managing your firepit
  • See to it you are acquainted with any kind of local guidelines concerning fire pit uses
  • Review the manual given with your fire pit, as well as comply with the guidelines
  • Locate the firepit at a risk-free distance from your home, garage or privy and also far from looming branches, power cords, or a source of power. It should be positioned in a well-ventilated area
  • Do not leave the fire ignored as well as maintain kids far from fire pits
  • Do not utilize your firepit on very gusty days
  • Only make use of suggested fire starters as well as keep your flame dimension tiny, to start with
  • Be certain to produce the fire completely when you have ended up with it
  • If you have a cover, cover the firepit once the fire is out
  • Clean up debris around your firepit frequently
  • Do not leave anything flammable near your firepit
  • Tidy the fire pit as well as the heaters consistently to prevent any blockages
  • If you scent gas near your firepit, do not utilize it. Look for gas leakages, as well as call the gas firm or fire department if you can not turn off the leakage

Fire safety is one of the most essential aspect of possessing a gas fire pit, so if you have little kids and pets, or are new to regulating fires, be certain that you take extra precautions to stop unintentional injury or fatality.

Last Thoughts

When it comes to just how to utilize lava rocks for a fire pit, lava rocks has a couple of advantages over various other decorative approaches for gas fire pits Lava rocks are developed from lava, which indicates that they have high heat tolerance, making them perfect for using right in a fire, and also specifically in fires lit with gas. Having a layer of lava rocks in your gas fire pit likewise serves as a little security for the fire pit’s lighter parts.

In general, lava rocks is a risk-free as well as rustic decorative selection for gas fire pits We wish our guide to exactly how to use lava rocks for a fire it has been valuable!

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