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Weber Q1200 Vs Q2200 Review: Which Portable Grill Should You Buy? (2023)

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weber q1200 vs q2200 reviewYou’ve been looking for the perfect portable grill to take camping with friends or tailgating before the big game. Pairing that ice cold beer with some smoky barbecue is simply the best way to unwind outdoors.

As an aspiring grillmaster, only the top brands will do – and Weber hits the spot with the Q1200 and Q2200.

These feature-packed models pack up neatly for adventure. But with so many similarities, picking between them leaves you scratching your head.

As a seasoned reviewer who knows grills inside out, I’ll compare the weber q1200 vs q2200 so you can fire up the right model for unforgettable weekends under the stars.

With freedom, belonging, and innovation in mind, Weber designed both for maximum portability and performance.

Key Takeaways

  • The Q2200 has a larger grilling area (280 sq in) than the Q1200 (189 sq in) and can fit more burgers and cook for larger groups.
  • The Q2200 is more powerful with 12,000 BTUs vs 8,500 BTUs on the Q1200.
  • The Q1200 is more portable and compact, weighing 13 lbs lighter and with smaller dimensions than the bulkier Q2200.
  • Both have quality cast iron grates for even heating, push button ignition, and portability for cooking anywhere, but the Q2200 better serves larger gatherings.

Weber Q Series Overview

Weber Q Series Overview
The Weber Q1200 grill was selected for its compact size and lighter propane usage. This tabletop model was ideal for weekend getaways and barbecuing with just a few friends. But as your social circle expanded, you realized the 189 square inches of grilling space wasn’t enough.

Though compact and easy to transport, the Q1200 can only handle about 6 burgers at a time.

The Q2200’s 280 square inches give you nearly 50% more grilling area. With its powerful 12,000 BTU burner, the Q2200 can handle up to 12 burgers simultaneously. This extra capacity makes all the difference when hosting larger groups. The Q2200 may use more propane, but it’s worth it for the increased grilling pleasure.

Upgrade to the Q2200 for the freedom to barbecue for as many people as you want. Weber’s Q grills strike an ideal balance between portability and performance.

Cooking Capacity Compared

Cooking Capacity Compared
The Q grills spread sunshine for friends and family when their generous cooking space sizzles joy.

  • Q1200 offers 189 square inches of grilling space, enough for 6 burgers or a small gathering of friends.
  • Q2200 expands the joy with 280 square inches, fitting up to 12 juicy burgers at once.
  • The 12,000 BTU burner on Q2200 brings the heat for searing and quick grilling.
  • Catalytic push-button ignition fires up fast, no messy charcoal or waiting.

With nearly 50% more cooking capacity, the Q2200 liberates your social life. The powerful 12,000 BTU burner heats its ample 280 square inches quickly, letting you sizzle multiple burgers or steaks at once.

You don’t have to cook in batches or serve food in shifts. The Q2200’s spacious grilling grate invites everyone to gather round its delicious bounty.

Portability Factors

Portability Factors
They load independence on the go with thoughtful portability.

  1. Q1200 under 32 lbs, 13 lbs lighter.
  2. Q2200 under 45 lbs, easy lift into truck.
  3. Both compact: 20×40.5×16 & 24.5×40.5×16 inches.
  4. Q1200 inches shorter, fits small car trunks.
  5. Fold up tables minimize storage space.

The innovative Q grills let you sizzle steaks at the lake or grill dogs in the park. Their smart, lightweight builds maximize mobility. The petite Q1200 tucks neatly into small cars at just 31 pounds and a trim 20 inches high.

While bigger, the Q2200 still checks in under 45 pounds for easy lifting. Both grills fold into tight bundles, minimizing storage space.

Thoughtful touches like the fold-up side tables further ease transporting these grills to parties in the park or weekends at the coast. Liberate your social life – load up a Q grill to spread the joy of carefree outdoor cooking.

Performance Review

Performance Review
You’ll savor the savory steaks and succulent shrimp these grills sear up for your next backyard bash. The Q-Series steps up portable performance with more power and ample cooking capacity. Crank the compact Q1200 to 8500 BTUs for up to 189 square inches of grill-marked gratification.

Fan the flames up to 12000 BTUs on the Q2200 to brand 280 juicy inches of joy across its cast iron grate.

Sink your teeth into the convenience of aptly designed portables to make mouthwatering meals anywhere the party lands. Let the innovative versatility of Weber’s Q’s liberate your social calendar. Then just fold up the lightweight grills until the next weekend road trip or party in the park.

The Q1200 and Q2200 grill generations deserve credit for sparking a portable cooking revolution. Their thoughtful designs set today’s standards for transportable outdoor cooking power and convenience. Now you can sizzle steaks lakeside or barbecue burgers on the balcony thanks to these crafty grills.

Load up a Weber Q and take the heat wherever the fun takes you this season.

Making the Decision

Making the Decision
You’d do well to match the grill to your needs when choosing between the Q1200 and Q2200. With 269 square inches of grilling space powered by 12,000 BTUs, the portable Q2200 can handle larger groups’ hungry appetites.

Its spacious cast iron grates easily grill a dozen burgers or two packs of brats to juicy perfection. For tailgates, campouts, and patio parties, the Q2200’s extra capacity means everyone eats hearty.

When your crew rolls five or more deep, this grill satisfies with sizzling top performance. But if you typically just grill for one to four folks, the smaller Q1200 should meet your needs. It’s 189 square inches and 8,500 BTUs still barbecue burgers beautifully. Either way, Weber Qs deliver tasty portability.

So pick the grill size that fits your grilling lifestyle, and fire it up for flavor anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the exact dimensions of each grill?

The Q1200 measures 5 inches wide by 27 inches tall by 5 inches deep, while the Q2200 is 6 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 3 inches deep. The Q1200’s more compact size makes transporting it easier.

How long do the burners last on average?

The burners typically last 5-10 years with proper care. Perform annual cleanings of the burner tubes and inspect for corrosion or blockages. Replace electrodes and hoses as needed. Using a grill cover helps protect the burners when not in use.

With regular upkeep, you’ll get many years of grilling from your Q1200 or Q

Can you use natural gas with an adapter instead of propane?

You can adapt the Q grills for natural gas with an optional hose and regulator kit. This lets you connect directly to a home gas line for unlimited fuel, without the hassle of swapping cylinders.

How do the grates compare in terms of durability and ease of cleaning?

You’ll find the porcelain-enameled cast iron grates on both the Q1200 and Q2200 equally sturdy and a cinch to clean. These quality grills withstand heavy use, and a quick scrub with a grill brush easily removes any stubborn residue.

What carrying cases or covers are compatible with each model?

For the Q1200, choose the soft nylon Weber Carrying Case, which secures the grill nicely and has handles plus a shoulder strap for easy transport. Alternatively, for the larger Q2200 model, opt for the sturdy polyethylene Weber Deluxe Grill Cover that protects the exterior while making moving the grill around a breeze.


You’re grilling up a tough decision between the compact and portable Weber Q1200 or the larger and more powerful Q2200. With only an inch height difference but a nearly 100 square inch grilling surface gap, the choice ultimately comes down to your needs.

The petite Q1200 lets you bring the heat in small spaces, packing 8500 BTU in minimal real estate. But the muscular Q2200 doubles down on BTU, dishing up 12,000 across its spacious 280 square inches.

Though beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, only the Q1200 comes blazing in with your choice of stylish colors, while the Q2200 smolders in standard titanium. Whether you go micro with the mobile Q1200 or macro with the mighty Q2200, Weber brings the sizzle for your next backyard barbecue or tailgate.

Pick the grill that fits your flame and get ready to fire it up!

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