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What Are the Best Cordless Leaf Blowers? Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (2023)

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Depending on where you live or the variety of trees are in and near your property, leaves can be a big issue at each loss.

Yes, you can use the excellent old’ rake to gather the leaves and afterward bag them up, yet this is a really complicated job, especially if you have a sprawling backyard

If a leaf blower is a helpful gardening tool for cleansing ends your lawn and garden and permits you to do the job in no time at all.

A cordless fallen leave blower, simply as the name recommends offers extra ease than its electrical or gas counterparts, because there’s no pesky electric cable to drag around.

Shopping for the Best cordless fallen leave blower can be complicated, given the myriad different brand names and designs to pick from.

But I had a look at this room, as well as after comparing many versions bring you the inside information on the 10 Best cordless leaf blowers. I likewise produced a comprehensive cordless fallen leave blower customer’s guide to ease your buying choice.

10 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

1. Vanity Power+ Cordless Leaf Blower

The EGO Power+ slots in at the # 1 position on this list of Best cordless fallen leave impact for several factors, most notably its first-class efficiency das light-weight style.

It ideas the ranges at simply a little over 7 pounds and produces air with its nozzle at a powerful 50 CFM

The EGO Power+ cordless leaf blower includes a variable rate dial, which enables you to readjust the CFM according to your requirements between 250 CFM, 400 CFM, and also 530 CFM. We powered

It by a robust brushless motor, which provides two-fold advantages— reduced resonances and lengthy life span.

The onsite turbo switch of the EGO Power+ cordless leaf blower allows you to get to a 530 CFM impact price instantaneously to easily move heavy particles when you require to.

Adding to this, the EGO Power+ cordless leaf blower flaunts a weather-resistant construction, allowing you to use it in dry as well as somewhat damp climate condition.

It features turbo follower design, as well as unlike many other devices in its sector functions silently at less than 65 dB.

The EGO Power+ cordless fallen leave blower includes a 2.5 Abatteryy, which when fully billed allows you to use the tool for an outstanding 90 mines.

This 56V ARC L battery works with all EGO Power+ devices. The EGO Power+ they backed cordless leaf blower by a three-year service warranty against any manufacturer problems.


  • 50 CFM
  • 65 dB or much less noise
  • 2.5 Ah battery/90 minutes runtime
  • Weather immune construction
  • Variable speed change
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Doesn’t include a bring instance

2. BLACK+DECKER MAX Cordless Leaf Blower

The BLACK+DECKER MAX cordless fallen leave blower remains in a league of its own, thanks to its capability to generate air at a tremendous 125 miles per hr to clear debris with no hiccups.

It procedures 19 x 8 x KYNDinchess, as well as evaluates just 4 lbs, making it very easy to regulate and also use. The BLACK+DECKER MAX does nothing even more than whisper during the procedure and also is a fantastic selection for removing driveways, decks, garages, sidewalks, as well as other hard surfaces of lawn trimmings, leaves, as well as other particles.

It includes a 40-volt lithium battery, which charges quickly and also features a fee sign to allow you the quantity of battery power continuing to be with a solitary look they fit

The BLACK+DECKER MAX cordless fallen leave lowered with a comfy deal with, which protects against stress on your hands when benefiting longer periods.


  • 125 miles per hour airspeed
  • Lightweight at 4 lbs
  • 40-volt lithium-ion battery with charge indicator
  • Comfortable deal with
  • Measures 19 x 8 x 6 inches


  • Lacks variable rate trigger

3. Walensee Cordless Leaf Blower

The Walensee cordless fallen leave blower provides award-worthy capability, owing to its sophisticated electric motor, and also turbo engine innovation.

It includes a sleek style and also uses 2 air rates to select from– even more than 72 MPandas 150 MPH. I can choose the desired airspeed with the flick of a switch, making the Walensee cordless fallen leave blowe practicallyal to utilize.

The Walensee cordless fallen leave blower features a bright yellow coating as well as is fitted with a soft avoid strain on your hands after a period of extended use.

Adding to this, the Walensee cordless fallen leave blower weighs just 3.5 pounds and includes a clear and also crisp power degression to let you know the standing of the battery power.

Speaking of which, the Walensee cordless fallen leave blower is outfitted with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, which takes around one hr to completely charge, after which you can use the tool for 15 mins to 40 mins.

The Walensee cordless fallen leave blower is simple to assem blandas features whatever you need to clear leaves and particles including the battery.


  • 2-speed modes– 72 MPH and also 150 MPH
  • Soft deal with
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Power level indicators on battery
  • Easy to set up
  • 1-hour battery recharge time/15 -40 minutes runtime


  • Limited to 1 shade choice

4. Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower

The Greenworks GMAX is an economical cordless leaf blower that does not drop short in terms of features. It includes an ultra-lightweight 3.27 pounds design and also is powered by a variable rate motor that allows it to blow air at a rate of 150 MPHI outfit

The Greenworks GMAX cordless leaf blower with a convenient variable speed dial, which permits you to select your preferred blower rate with the flick of a button.

Furthermore, this cordless blower by Greenworks additionally comes with a flexible air movement pointer for even more control over wind speeds.

The GMAX leaf blower can be powered on quickly with the push-button start system. For battery power, the Greenworks GMAX cordless fallen leave blower scores high with a 40V Li-ion battery that supplies both high effectiveness as well as longer runtime.

Best of all, this battery can be made use of to power over 40 outside products in the Greenworks item portfolio including hedge leaners, chainsaws, lawnmowers, and far more.

The Greenworks GMAX cordless blower includes a 2.0 Ah battery, battery charger, thorough individual guide, and is backed by a three-year producer service warranty.


  • 150 MPH (130 CFM)
  • 3.27 pounds weight
  • Variable-rate dial
  • Push switch start system
  • 3-year maker warranty


  • May stagnate immense quantities of fallen leaves or debris

5. SnapFresh Cordless Leaf Blower

The SnapFresh cordless leaf blower weighs less than 2.7 pounds as well as has a great deal going on for it under its hood starting with a sophisticated copper motor.

This electric motor increases the life-span of the device, along with minimizes power intake contrasted to standard engines.

The SnapFresh cordless fallen leave blower supplies a remarkable 130 MPH air outcome and also includes two adjustable speed modes– 60 MPH and also 130 MPH.

Adding to this, it includes flexible blower tubes, which enable you to access higher hard-to-reach places they can operate

The SnapFresh cordless fallen leave blower with one hand thanks to the comfy rubber hold on the handle.

It features an industry-leading 2.0 ah 20v battery, which can be billed quickly in an hour with the comprised fast charger, and afterward enables you to utilize the device for 20 mins at the lower airspeed as well as 15 mins at its max air output can construct

The SnapFreshed in just a few minutes, and managed with a solitary button.


  • 2 rates to pick from
  • Advanced copper motor
  • Weighs 2.7 pounds
  • One-button operations
  • Adjustable tube length


  • Battery life is briefly contrasted to the competition

6. KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower

The KIMO cordless leaf blower is yet an additional budget-friendly version that features an abundant set of functions. This battery-operated leaf blower can accomplish a 150 MPH, 200 CFM air result, making it one of the top models in its course.

The KIMO cordless fallen leave blower evaluates simply 2.7 pounds, which protects against user tiredness by as much as 30 percentI outfit

Ited with a variable speed trigger that allows you to quickly select the rate for the task. In addition, the KIMO cordless fallen leave blower is UL licensed and features a huge air electrical outlet, so you can get more work done in less time.

Apart from blowing fallen leaves and also grass cuttings, the KIMO leaf blower can likewise be utilized for wood dust or other similar kinds of dirt and also particles in your house or garage, snow blowing, and/or auto drying.

The KIMO fallen leave blower supplies a no-frills configuration with its slide as well as click capability, and comes with a 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, and fast battery charger.


  • Lightweight at 2.7 pounds
  • 150 MPH, 200 CFM air output
  • Variable-rate trigger
  • UL certified
  • Large air outlet


  • The height of the blowing tube can’t be extended

7. BHY Cordless Leaf Blower

The BHY cordless fallen leave blower can be gotten in a selection of 2 exciting shades– yellow and teal and also is powered by a copper motor combined with generator innovation.

Further, this motor supplies better power effectiveness and long life than traditional motors, making the BHY cordless blower deserving of a 2nd appearance.

The BHY cordless fallen leave blower produces a 320 CFM 150 MPH air flow rate, which is a lot higher than some higher-priced versions in its space.

This rechargeable variable speed cordless fallen leave blower model by BHY permits you to pick from six different rates and also comes with a strong removable expansion tube.

The BHY cordless leaf blower is an optimal selection to clear debris from hard-to-reach surfaces and your yard. It features a non-slip rubber grip, and also even includes a pair of expert hearing plus they fit

The BHY cordless leaf blowers with a big 4.0 Ah battery, which takes approximately three hours to totally bill, after which you can make use of the tool for 15 minutes to 20 minutes at complete speed.


  • 2 color options
  • 320 CFM 150 MPH air flow rate
  • Large 4.0 Ah battery/15– 20 min runtime
  • Variables 6 rates
  • Copper motor


  • No clear directions on how to attach the plug to the battery

8. FMK Cordless Leaf Blower

The FMK cordless leaf blower is fitted with a powerful copper electric motor, which offers much better wind resistance contrasted to a little blade blower, and enables you to blow at 340 CFM and also 170 MPH

This variable-speed cordless leaf blower robust removable extension tube, which raises reach and also the general blower effectiveness.

The FMK cordless leaf blower comes with an exceptional quality battery that supplies a runtime of one to three hours at reduced speed, 30 minutes to 60 minutes at mid-speed, and also 15 minutes to 30 mins at high speed.

The battery of the FMK fallen leave blower features a sign light that flashes when battery power runs reduced.

The FMK cordless fallen leave blower boasts a user-friendly, lightweight, as well as ergonomic layout, and also features a pair of handweavers, and flexible shoulder bandI can make

Its use of to sweep particles from stores as well as garages, and/or clear completely dry as well as wet dropped leaves in your lawn.

The FMK fallen leave blower provides six adjustable rates to pick from and features a trigger lock to assist you to regulate the blower. It is very easy to mount and features a practical one-button procedure.


  • Powerful copper motor
  • Removable extension tube
  • 15 mins to 30 mins at high-speed runtime
  • 6 adjustable speeds
  • Trigger lock


  • A little noisy at highest possible speed

9. WORX WG545 Power Share AIR Cordless Leaf Blower

The WORX WG545 cordless fallen leave blower uses the Best of performance and convenience, and includes a light-weight design to easily clear particles off your deck, driveway, laterally, patio, and much more!

It is light-weight at 4 pounds, easy to use, and also shop when not in usage. The WORX WG545 cordless leaf blower produces a remarkable 120 MPH airspeed, which enables you to get rid of big locations.

The WORX WG545 cordless fallen leave blower comes with a 20-volt max lithium battery and also a 20-volt battery charger

With regards to the battery, the WORX WG545 cordless fallen leave blower battery becomes part of the business’s Power Share Platform, implying we cause it to power all WORX cordless products.

One of the notable features that set the WORX WG545 besides the other cordless blowers on this checklist is it is comprised of eight innovative accessories.

These attachments allow you to do way more than simply impact leaves, and also comprise a dirt brush, shot tube, an inflator nozzle, as well as deflator cover.

Even though the WORX cordless fallen leave blower comes packed with functions, it is easy for anybody to run with no tiredness.

The WORX cordless fallen leave blower supplies two-speed settings to pick from and also is genuinely a multifaceted tool that can change lots of other devices in your garage.


  • Lightweight at 4 lbs
  • 120 MPH airspeed
  • 2-speed settings
  • Includes 8 accessories
  • 20-volt max lithium battery/5-hour charging time


  • Battery billing time can be improved

10. Litheli Cordless Leaf Blower

The Litheli cordless fallen leave blower showcases a striking layout with its gray coating topped with teal highlights.

This cordless fallen leave blower from the Litheli garage means serious business with its upgraded 550-watt brushless motor that provides 40 percent much more energy effectiveness as well as long life than cleaned designs.

Apart from its brushed electric motor, they fit the Litheli cordless leaf blower with an axial follower that pumps out air at a higher stamina.

The Litheli cordless fallen leave blower includes advanced turbo modern technology, which enables it to create 480 CFM max air flow and also 92 MPH max speed.

Furthermore, the Litheli cordless leaf blower includes a dedicated turbo mode switch, and also a variable speed trigger to choose speeds between 45 MPH and 76 MPH.

It comes with rubber-covered take care of for enhanced convenience when using the tool and weighs a little over 5 pounds.

The blowing tube of the Litheli cordless blower is thoughtfully made, in that it normally aims at a descending angle when you hold the blower in your hand.

The Litheli cordless fallen leave blower is very easy to construct in simply a minute and shows up-fitted with a 40-volt battery that deals with all 40-volt devices in the Litheli stable.

This battery takes about we secure an hour to versus short circuits, getting too hot, and also overcharging.

The Litheli cordless leaf blower features a five-year service warranty on the tool, as well as a three-year warranty on the battery and also the battery charger.


  • 550-watt brushless motor
  • 480 CFM max airflow as well as 92 MPH
  • Variable-rate trigger
  • 40-volt battery
  • A 5-year service warranty on the device


  • Doesn’t have an air filter to coiffure a car

Honorable Mention– ORLEMO Cordless Leaf Blower

The ORLEMO cordless fallen leave blower serves 2 different functions– can be used as a leaf blower vacuum cleaner.

It’s an ideal choice for minor tasks, and swiftly surprise leaves, as well as draws dust and also pet hair. The ORLEMO cordless fallen leave blower includes a 5.0 Ah large capability battery, yet considers simply 3.33 pounds.

The ORLEMO cordless leaf blower spins at a rapid 13, 000 RPM at a no-load speed, allowing you to deal with several various cleansing jobs effortlessly can use

Its with one hand and also includes a wide and also sharp nozzle to enhance the efficiency of the suction.

The ORLEMO is an ergonomically developed cordless leaf blower that’s fitted with non-slip takes care of for a secure grasp.

It comes with a battery, battery charger, tube, versatile pipeline, 2 suction nozzles, and a dirt collection bag.


  • Can be utilized as a blower and also vacuum cleaner
  • 5.0 Ah large ability battery
  • Weighs 3.3 pounds
  • 13, 000 RPM rate
  • Wide as well as sharp nozzle


  • Not suitable for durable tasks

Is Cordless Leaf Better than Gas and Electric Models?

Well, yes and also no! Cordless fallen leave blowers are a recommended option for property owners and professionals that do not wish to be bogged down by an electrical cord or deal with filling up gas in the tank.

Most cordless leaf blower models are likewise lighter than their gas as well as electrical counterparts, making them simple to regulate, and also extremely mobile.

Owing to no exhaust emissions, cordless fallen leave blowers are an ecologically friendly selection, and can be kept securely in your garage without the risk of carbon monoxide exposure from the engine.

Adding to this, the Best cordless fallen leave blowers discussed on this listing are basically maintenance-free, and also you don’t have to ever fret about buying fuel or oil and also then blending them with each other in the right ratio.

Cordless fallen leave blowers are also quieter than gas or electrical designs, yet you must ideally put on ear security when running any power tools.

Cordless fallen leave blowers aren’t excellent, as well as among their downsides is that they are much less effective than gas and electric designs. They are a brilliant choice for residence use and also large lawns, however, might not be a great fit for substantial dimension lawns.

How buy a Cordless Leaf Blower?

There are questions/factors to think about when on the purchasing path for the appropriate cordless leaf blower for your demands.

  • What is the dimension of your lawn?
  • What sort of power should you take into consideration?
  • What features are you trying to find?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much sound does it make?

Type of Leaf Blower

There are 3 various sorts of leaf blowers readily available– handheld leaf blowers, knapsack leaf blowers, and also walk-behind leaf blowers.

Handheld Leaf Blowers

Just as the name suggests, portable leaf blowers flaunt a lightweight impact and also are a great option if you’re looking for both flexibility and transportability.

Most of the leaf blowers discussed on this checklist are portable models, which can be made use of to surprise big particles, and manage light snow and dirt with no missteps.

Backpack Leaf Blowers

If you’re searching for a garden device that shows more power than a handheld leaf blower as well as provides longer runtime, a backpack leaf blower is maybe a fantastic option.

Backpack leaf blowers allow you to maintain the blower tube in your hand and also carry the motor easily in a shoulder harness.

They are a suitable selection for extended periods of use, making them a fantastic choice for large dimension yardsProfessional crews usually use

Walk-Behind Leaf Blowers

Walks and also have the power to surprise just about anything.

Leaf Blower Air Output (CFM)

CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) isn’t an acquainted measurement for lots of people, however, to clarify briefly represents the amount of air that travels through a fallen leave blower’s nozzle in one minute

Because CFM measures the quantity of air per min, it’s a clear sign of just how much material or just how large an area you can remove within of time with a respective fallen leave blower.

This shows the higher the CFM, the extra air power the leaf blower will create, permitting you to deal with bigger locations in less time.

What is Leaf Blower MPH?

Even though most leaf blower producers detail the airpower ranking in CFM, some list MPH also. You possibly already understand what MPH is– Miles Per Hour– an action of speed, however just how does MPH connect to leaf blowers

While CFM determines the top quality of air via the fallen leave blower nozzle per minute, MPH measures the rate at which the air goes through the nozzle.

An effective leaf blower that has both a greater CFM and also MPH will enable you move more worldly from a larger location impeller additionally influenced

The aforementioned rankings– a fan-like component constructed into the blower that produces the airflow.

What is a Good CFM for a Cordless Leaf Blower?

Taking these numbers (CFM, MPH) right into a factor to consider when gaining the best leaf blower can get confusing. But an excellent CFM is not the same for everyone, as requirements vary.

If you have a heavy product to impact as well as a bigger lawn, acquire a cordless leaf blower with a greater CFM ranking.

Battery Power

Cordless fallen leave blowers are powered by rechargeable batteries, which when fully billed supply a specific amount of runtime.

The battery life differs throughout makers, but lithium batteries have a tendency to last longer on a complete fee.

Some cordless fallen leave blower makers provide swappable batteries, which can be made use of with any type of versions in their item range such as weed eaters,.

Weight of Cordless Leaf Blowers

You wish to buy a cordless leaf blower that will not bog you down with its weight, however, rather need to be a joy to use over much longer durations.

The Best cordless fallen leave blowers evaluate no greater than 5 pounds, making them simple to manage for the young and the senior.

A Word About Noise

Even though gas fallen leave blowers are noisier than cordless fallen leave blowers, cordless fallen leave blowers can get rather loud they measured

The noise of a fallen leave cordless fallen leave blower in decibels, where most models emit 65-75 decibels. Something extremely advised is that you wear ear and dirt protection when running a cordless leaf blower or any kind of another power device.

Adjustable Air Speed

Look for a fallen leave blower that comes with a variable speed trigger, which allows you to readjust the air movement with the flick of a switch. This is crucial if you’re posting likely to be blowing around flowers as well as various other fragile areas.

Less Vibration

Most, otherwise all cordless fallen leave blowers feature -anti-vibration openers, which absorb resonances, and also lower tension on your arms as well as hands.


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