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What is Peach Paper? Benefits, Usage, and BBQ Applications (2023)

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what is peach paperAre you on the hunt for a paper that packs a punch? Look no further than Peach Paper. As its namesake suggests, this type of butcher paper is pink or peach in color and has become increasingly popular among BBQ aficionados for its functionality and versatility.

To gain an understanding of what makes it so special, let’s dive into what peach butcher’s paper is, advantages of using it, as well as usage features regarding heat resistance and cooking benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Peach butcher paper is a pink or peach-colored paper used for barbecue (BBQ).
  • It is Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved and food-grade quality, with no plastic coating like freezer paper has.
  • Peach butcher paper is heat resistant up to 450°F and remains thick and strong even when wet.
  • It is versatile and preferred over foil for moisture control, bark preservation, and smoke infusion in BBQ due to its permeability.

What is Peach Butchers Paper?

What is Peach Butchers Paper
You’re looking at that pink paper and wondering how it makes your brisket so juicy. Well, let me introduce you to peach butcher paper, also known as pink butcher paper. This popular trend in BBQ was made famous by Aaron Franklin, a brisket expert. Peach butcher paper is not actually made from peaches but gets its name from the natural pink color of the paper.

It is a food-grade paper that meets all the criteria for direct food contact in smokers. Pitmasters prefer using peach butcher paper over foil because it allows better moisture control and breathability while preserving the flavorful bark on meats like brisket, pork butts, and ribs during longer BBQ cooks.

Advantages of Using Peach Butcher Paper

Advantages of Using Peach Butcher Paper
Using that pink smoke-permeable wrapping will enhance your brisket’s bark while retaining juiciness. Peach butcher paper offers several advantages for barbecue meat wrapping that make it the preferred choice among BBQ enthusiasts.

One of its key benefits is moisture retention, as the paper absorbs excess moisture without compromising the texture of the meat.

Additionally, peach paper allows for smoke infusion, ensuring a rich and flavorful taste in every bite. The sturdy nature of this paper also aids in bark preservation by providing a protective barrier against external elements while still allowing steam to escape.

Moreover, peach butcher paper has cooking versatility beyond just wrapping meats. It can be used for brining or as a prep surface during smoking sessions, and even to preserve warmth during resting periods after cooking is complete.

Usage and Features of Peach Butcher Paper

Usage and Features of Peach Butcher Paper
Peach butcher paper has become a sought-after tool for BBQ enthusiasts. Its heat resistance, breathability, and moisture retention make it ideal for smoking brisket, ribs, pork butt, and other tough cuts to maintain tenderness and juiciness without compromising bark development.

Benefits of peach paper

Round the fire pit, peach paper’s benefits preserve bark and moisture for quality BBQ results.

  • Retains moisture and flavor
  • Allows smoke to penetrate
  • Preserves bark integrity

Peach butcher paper is the perfect wrap for low and slow smoking. Its porous nature locks in juices without steaming the meat. The bark stays crispy as smoke infuses throughout the cook. Thanks to peach paper’s versatility, pitmasters can employ it for multiple techniques like brining, prep, and leftovers.

With peach paper’s heat resistance and moisture holdout, quality barbecue is achievable.

Usage in BBQ

Get ready to elevate your barbecue game with this secret weapon for wrapping and preserving the quality of your smoked meats. Peach paper is a game-changer in barbecue. It helps maintain moisture, promotes even cooking, prevents moisture loss, and enhances meat texture.

Wrapping brisket or other meats in peach paper during smoking creates an ideal environment for bark formation while reducing cooking time.

Heat resistance and cooking benefits

You’ll need this paper’s breathable heat resistance when wrapping up those tender meats. Since peach butcher paper holds up to 450°F, it locks in moisture. Yet unlike foil, it allows smoke to penetrate, producing phenomenal barbecue flavor.

Optimal for low and slow smoking of brisket, ribs, and pork shoulder, peach paper is the secret to competition-worthy results at home.

Benefits and Applications of Peach Butcher Paper

Benefits and Applications of Peach Butcher Paper
Setting the scene for the benefits and applications of peach butcher paper, this porous, FDA-approved paper allows moisture to escape while infusing delicious smoky flavor into the meat. Used for wrapping brisket, pork butts, and ribs during the lengthy barbecuing process, peach butcher paper delivers tender and juicy results as it controls moisture loss and retains heat.

The permeable nature of the paper also allows smoke to penetrate the meat, imparting that quintessential smoky barbecue flavor. Unlike aluminum foil, which traps moisture and can make the meat soggy, peach butcher paper strikes the perfect balance between moisture control and smoke infusion.

Its pink hue also provides a pleasing aesthetic when unwrapping. From championship pitmasters to backyard grillers, peach butcher paper is a must-have for juicy, smoky barbecue perfection.

Moisture retention and protection.

To maximize the tenderness and juiciness of your BBQ meats, tightly wrapping them in this special butcher paper ensures optimal moisture retention and protection.

  1. Peach paper acts as a barrier to lock in the meat’s natural juices during cooking.
  2. It protects the flavorful bark from drying out or becoming soggy.
  3. Peach paper’s permeable nature allows smoke infusion while preventing excessive evaporation.
  4. Pitmasters have different wrapping techniques – some prefer a tight wrap for maximum moisture retention, while others opt for a looser wrap to allow better airflow.
  5. Wrapping meat with peach butcher paper helps maintain consistent heat distribution throughout the cooking process.

By using peach butcher paper, you can ensure that your BBQ meats stay moist and tender without sacrificing flavor or texture. Whether you’re an experienced pitmaster or just starting out on your grilling journey, this versatile tool will become an essential part of your barbecue arsenal.

Breathability and smoke infusion.

Wrapping the brisket loosely in butcher paper allows for optimal smoke infusion while still letting moisture escape. Peach paper is key for sealing in juices, yet it remains porous, unlike foil’s impermeability.

Your brisket can continue absorbing that mellow, smoky essence with peach paper. Peach paper also enables bark development. The porosity of the peach paper, in contrast to the impermeability of foil, lets moisture escape while the brisket continues to absorb smoke.

The paper seals in juices while staying breathable. This breathability also allows the bark to develop on the brisket’s exterior.

Versatility and cooking applications

Peach paper enthusiasts claim it provides optimal protection for pork shoulders, powering past brisket stalls, and preserving prime rib’s precious juices. Its versatility suits various cooking techniques and BBQ uses. By permitting smoke penetration while retaining moisture, it’s a staple in Texas barbecue.

Why Use Peach Butcher Paper for BBQ Instead of Foil?

Why Use Peach Butcher Paper for BBQ Instead of Foil
Discover the superior alternative to foil for your BBQ cookouts and elevate your meat game with the secret weapon of pitmasters. Foil draws moisture out and softens the bark while peach paper’s permeability boosts smoke infusion and keeps the crusty bark textured.

Swap foil’s braising effect for paper’s steaming and carry on old traditions using the latest BBQ trends.

Embrace time-tested smoking techniques and savor pure wood-fired flavor with the wrapping benefits of peach paper.

Your brisket, ribs, and pulled pork thank you for liberating their potential from the foil trap.

Master the art of peach paper and taste the pitmaster difference.

How to Use Peach Butcher Paper for Smoking Brisket

How to Use Peach Butcher Paper for Smoking Brisket
You gotta embrace that brisket with the pink like it’s your best gal at the big dance to keep it moist and tasty during the smoke.

  1. Prep the brisket with your favorite rub, let it penetrate the meat.
  2. Get the peach paper ready, tear off sheets slightly larger than the brisket.
  3. Smoke the brisket until it reaches 160-165F internal temp.
  4. Carefully wrap the brisket loosely in the peach paper, leave some airflow.

Wrapping the brisket in peach paper at this point will protect the bark and let it continue to cook while retaining moisture. The paper breathes better than foil, resulting in a juicier finished brisket. It’s the choice wrapping for any pitmaster looking to impress the BBQ enthusiasts.

Do Pit Masters and Professionals Use Peach Butcher Paper?

Do Pit Masters and Professionals Use Peach Butcher Paper
Now that you know how to use peach butcher paper for smoking brisket, let’s talk about whether pit masters and professionals actually use it. The truth is, peach paper has gained immense popularity in the BBQ world, and many pitmasters swear by its effectiveness.

Professional BBQ competitions have also seen a rise in peach butcher paper use as more teams recognize its benefits.

Pitmasters appreciate the breathability and moisture control that this FDA-approved pink butchers paper offers. Wrapping meat in peach paper helps retain moisture, preserve bark flavor, and maintain tenderness during cooking – a crucial factor in achieving competition-worthy results.

So if you’re looking to up your BBQ game like the pros, consider giving peach butcher paper a try.

Keyword Description
Paper Peach Butcher Paper is made from virgin pulp paper which makes it thick and robust with added sizing for increased strength when wet
Steak Paper Steak or Butcher papers are both food grade papers but steak paper has higher density than regular dry waxed or bleached white grades
Pink Butchers’ Paper Peach or Pink color indicates natural base unlike bleached white papers used by most people

What Makes Peach Butcher Paper Different From Freezer Paper?

What Makes Peach Butcher Paper Different From Freezer Paper
Unlike freezer paper, peach butcher paper doesn’t have a plastic coating that could melt in your smoker. This key difference makes it the preferred choice for BBQ enthusiasts and pitmasters.

Peach butcher paper is made from virgin pulp paper and is FDA-approved, ensuring its food-grade quality. It offers excellent heat resistance of up to 450°F, allowing you to wrap your meats without worrying about any melting or damage during smoking.

The porous nature of peach butcher paper allows smoke infusion while still preserving the flavorful bark on your BBQ creations. Whether you’re wrapping brisket, pork butts, or ribs, using peach butcher paper helps retain moisture and speeds up cook time by maintaining an optimal cooking environment inside the wrapper.


Peach butcher paper is an essential tool for any serious BBQ enthusiast. It’s FDA-approved, 100% food-grade paper that’s perfect for direct contact with meat. The thick, pink paper has added wet strength sizing, so it’s extra strong even when wet.

Wrapping meat in peach paper helps retain moisture and heat for super tender and juicy results. It allows smoke to penetrate too, so you get tons of flavor while preserving that delicious bark. Peach paper is also great for brining, as a prep surface, and for gently steaming delicate cuts of meat.

With peach paper, you can take your BBQ game to the next level. It helps you achieve quality smoked meats like you’ve never tasted before. Don’t wait – get your hands on some peach butcher paper and see how it can improve your smoking! You won’t believe what a difference this versatile paper makes.

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