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Discover the Best Lawn Care Subscriptions for 2023

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Do you want to make sure your lawn looks lush and green all year round? A subscription-based lawn care service could be the answer. With a variety of options available, each offering different services included in their plans, it can be hard to know which one is best for you.

We’ve done the research and gathered up some of our top picks for 2023 so that you don’t have to! In this article, we’ll explore Sunday, Lawnbright, Lawnbox, Lawn Serv, DoMyOwn Turf Box, and The Scotts Program.

We’ll detail their products offered as well as pricing information, so you can choose the right option for your needs.

Learn more about these companies today and take control over how beautiful your yard will look tomorrow!

Key Takeaways

what services are included in a lawn care subscription

  • Lawn care subscriptions offer a variety of services, from weed control to flexible garden hoses, tailored to different budgets and lawn sizes.
  • Sunday and other providers offer comprehensive and affordable lawn care subscriptions, with plans covering weed control and fertilizing.
  • Lawn care subscriptions save money and deliver high-quality products right to your door.
  • Consider factors like plan details, cost, ingredient and product details, lawn disease treatment and prevention options, pest control product availability, and product and packaging sustainability when choosing a lawn care subscription service.

What is a Lawn Care Subscription?

What is a Lawn Care Subscription?
Enjoy the ease of having all your lawn care needs met with a subscription, from weed control to flexible garden hoses and everything in between – without any of the headaches. Lawn care subscriptions are perfect for those who want professional help or DIY options at an affordable cost.

Depending on what type of subscription you choose, services can include anything from Scotts 4-Step 5000sqft Lawn Care Program to Zero-G Garden Hose 5/8×100 – ensuring that no matter your budget or lawn size, there is something for everyone.

Before committing to a service, it’s important to check customer reviews as well as make sure that the company is licensed and insured so you have peace of mind when using their products.

Not only do these services save money by eliminating the need for professional help, but they also provide satisfaction knowing you did it yourself, all while avoiding common logistics headaches associated with traditional methods like ordering supplies separately each season, etc.

This allows more time spent enjoying doing and seeing results rather than stressing over them! Furthermore, share experiences related to various offerings in the comments section to ensure the best possible purchase decision for a particular situation and even go beyond basic practices by incorporating other activities like bird watching or nature photography as bonus features, enabling greater enjoyment in the process itself.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Lawn Care Subscription?

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Lawn Care Subscription?
When considering a lawn care subscription, there are several factors to consider, such as the plan details and cost, ingredient and product details, lawn disease treatment and prevention options available through certain products, pest control product availability if necessary for your area or climate zone.

Additionally, it’s worth researching whether the packaging used is sustainable in order to ensure that any materials used can be recycled or reused properly.

Subscription Plan Details and Cost

Before signing up for any lawn care subscription, it’s important to thoroughly examine the plan details and cost. Read customer reviews of popular plans like Sunday, Lawnbright, or Lawnbox to ensure you’re getting licensed services with all the benefits that a DIY satisfaction brings.

Enjoy logistical simplicity while exploring today’s lawn care subscription options – from weed control to flexible garden hoses and everything in between! Discover the best possible purchase decision for your particular needs among one of nine high-quality offers.

Ingredient and Product Details

Explore the ingredient and product details of each lawn care subscription box before making your purchase decision, comparing them as if you were shopping for a tailored suit.

From weed control to garden hoses with burst ratings of 600+ psi, enjoy doing work yourself while achieving desired results without headaches or hassle! Compare organic products against those containing synthetic ingredients; consider environmental impact when choosing natural ingredients.

Discover which offers best suits your particular needs among nine high-quality options – freeing yourself from tedious logistics while enjoying satisfying outcomes!

Lawn-Disease Treatment and Prevention

Protect your lawn from common diseases by researching the preventative and curative treatments available through different lawn care subscriptions. Disease Identification, Chemical Application, Soil Testing, Fertilization Plans, and Weed Control are all important aspects to consider.

Discover post-emergent herbicides for the prevention of lawn diseases, or organic fertilizers to address animal-based factors. Identify what works best with your soil type, and then apply fertilizer plans accordingly.

Pest Control Product Availability

Discover the pest control products available to you through lawn care subscriptions and enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re up to 95% effective in eliminating pests. Do it yourself or take advantage of subscription costs for quality products that are environmentally sustainable.

With a variety of options, there’s a treatment option for everyone – from different solutions for the most common pests to more complex treatments.

Product and Packaging Sustainability

Investigate the product and packaging sustainability offered by lawn care subscription boxes. Ensure you are doing your part to preserve our planet with plant-based materials, sustainable packaging, eco-friendly products, chemical-free products, and organic plant food such as blood meal or bone meal in granular form.

Research a lawn maintenance service that fits your needs while being conscious of environmental impact – from start to finish! Instead of chemicals, opt for natural solutions when looking into a lawn care subscription service.


If you are looking for a comprehensive and affordable lawn care subscription, Sunday could be the perfect option for you. Offering an array of plans that cover everything from weed control to fertilizing, they have something suitable for every budget.

Let’s take a closer look at the plans they offer and how much each one costs so that you can make the best decision when it comes to your lawn care needs.

Plans They Offer

Explore the variety of lawn care plans that Sunday and other subscription services offer to find the perfect fit for your needs! Check customer reviews, confirm licensing and insurance, and consider DIY benefits when selecting a service.

Whether you’re looking at Lawnbright or Lawnbox subscriptions, take time to better understand their product line before making a decision today.

With so many options available in today’s lawn care subscription landscape – from local companies to box subscriptions – there are plenty of ways to get started with creating an outdoor oasis without breaking the bank.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unlock the potential of your outdoor space without breaking the bank – compare subscription prices to find out how much it’ll cost and enjoy beautiful results while freeing up some precious free time too!

With lawn care subscriptions, you can save money and get high-quality third-party products delivered right to your door. Do some research by comparing prices, reading product reviews, checking customer feedback, and learning DIY tips from experts in order to determine which service is best for you.

Consider subscribing with Sunday or another provider for access to top-notch customer service as well as exclusive offers that may not be available elsewhere. Not only do these services offer convenience, but they also give you peace of mind knowing that quality materials are being used each visit at a fraction of what it would cost if done on your own.

Take advantage now so you can achieve the best value when caring for your lawn!

Types of Products They Deliver

Types of Products They Deliver
Greeting lawn care enthusiasts! When it comes to a comprehensive and affordable subscription for your needs, you’ll have plenty of options available. Scotts 4-Step 5000sqft Lawn Care is an all-encompassing solution for keeping your lawn healthy throughout the year with only 10 minutes required per application.

The Zero-G Garden Hose 5/8×100 provides flexibility and durability while being 25% lighter than commercial vinyl hoses.

1. Scotts 4-Step 5000sqft Lawn Care

Try the Scotts 4-Step 5000 sqft Lawn Care program and experience a lush, weed-free lawn all year ’round in just 10 minutes of your time! With an annual subscription, you can enjoy the benefits of this comprehensive solution.

It prevents weeds from taking root while nourishing your grass during the summer months for a great fall green-up.

Subscribing to Scotts offers convenience and cost savings over hiring a service, but it may not provide as much personal control or enjoyment as DIY options like Sunday’s Lawnbright or Lawnbox plans offer.

2. Zero-G Garden Hose, 5/8×100

Experience the strength and flexibility of the Zero-G Garden Hose, 5/8×100, and take your landscaping to a whole new level. From pricing structure to product selection, DIY tips to climate considerations, you have everything you need for a healthy green lawn.

With this hose’s burst rating of 600+ psi and crushproof up to 1,800 lbf., it is jobsite tough while being abrasion-resistant and leak-free.

Consider local laws when choosing products for weed control or use one from Lawnbright or Lawnbox plans as part of your lawn care subscription service with the right product every time at an affordable price point.

Additional Information

Discover the strength and flexibility of a Zero-G Garden Hose, 5/8×100, that makes your landscaping easier – without breaking the bank!

Research reviews to find out what customers are saying about this hose’s durability and leak resistance.

Be sure to check if any lawn care companies you’re considering are licensed and insured.

Subscription benefits include access to tailored plans with professional treatments like fertilization schedules, soil quality help, or natural lawn care products.

DIY advantages mean more control over logistics while enjoying all the satisfaction of doing it yourself with results that last long after application is complete.

Check out Lawnbright or Lawnbox for subscription options plus helpful tips on their blog.

They have mastered successful lawn treatment plans!


If you’re looking for a comprehensive and affordable subscription to help get your lawn in shape, Lawnbright is a rising star that offers easy installation with organic ingredients. They not only provide troubleshooting tips if needed but also customer reviews so you can trust the quality of their products.

With Lawnbright’s services, you’ll be able to follow lawn-care plans tailored specifically for large lawns. You’ll also receive personalized advice from experts on what services are included in a successful subscription plan.

Their packages come with everything from fertilizer and weed control solutions all the way down to mowing instructions.

Whether Sunday or some other option for subscription boxes works best for you, there are plenty of options available when considering which service is right for maintaining your yard year round. So don’t forget: ask questions before signing up or ordering any product related to keeping up with an impressive landscape.

Share experiences in comments sections online where others who have tried different brands/services might have helpful insight.

Types of Products They Offer

Types of Products They Offer
Discover the perfect lawn care subscription for you with Scotts 4-Step 5000 sqft Lawn Care and Zero-G Garden Hose, 5/8×100. Whether it’s pruning, fertilizing, or watering your lawn – these two products are designed to make caring for your yard easier than ever before.

1. Scotts 4-Step 5000sqft Lawn Care

Try Scott’s 4-Step 5000 sqft Lawn Care program and watch your yard bloom like a flower in full bloom! This comprehensive solution helps you balance nutrients, choose the right fertilizer types, control pests, and maintain soil quality.

Mowing is also key for a healthy lawn. This program tells you when and how often to mow depending on the season so that your grass can repair damage from extreme weather conditions or other hazards.

The best DIY lawn care programs are those that provide an easy maintenance schedule with instructions tailored for large yards – exactly what Lawnbright offers! With their help, plus advice from experts online about when’s the right time of year to fertilize or overseed your garden bedding plants, everything will be taken care of without any headaches related to logistics.

Enjoy both doing the work yourself while admiring its results afterwards too!

2. Zero-G Garden Hose, 5/8×100

Take your garden to the next level with the Zero-G Garden Hose, 5/8×100! This lightweight and flexible hose is 25% lighter than commercial vinyl hoses. It has a burst rating of 600+ psi and is crush-proof up to 1,800 lbf, making it tough enough for any job site.

Enjoy easy maneuvering in cold weather thanks to its kink-resistant design. You can also take satisfaction in knowing that this hose is assembled in the USA, is lead-free, and is safe for drinking water.

Compare products: Assess which one best suits your needs, taking into account price analysis and environmental impact.

Usage tips: Use hose-end sprayer pouches or liquid fertilizer for a prize-winning lawn!

Benefits assessments: Investigate what additional benefits you can derive from using this quality product, such as reduced maintenance costs over time or greater convenience when watering plants far away from home.

Let the Zero-G Garden Hose help you get there faster without breaking a sweat!


Discovering the perfect lawn care subscription for you just got easier with Lawnbox! With a variety of plans to choose from, tailored to meet your individual needs and budget, this comprehensive service is sure to make yard work easier than ever before.

Plus, each plan comes complete with pricing information and additional details like potential drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision.

Plans Offered

Choose from our wide range of lawn care subscriptions and discover the one that best addresses your needs – whether it’s pruning, fertilizing, or watering. Enjoy seasonal treatments with organic solutions or get professional support for a DIY benefit.

Select from an array of fertilizer options to find the most effective schedule for your yard! Say goodbye to brown spots with natural alternatives rather than synthetic fertilizers.


Discover the cost of a lawn care subscription that meets your needs and provides organic solutions to keep your yard looking its best!

Subscription benefits may vary depending on the size of your smaller lawn, but for an average homeowner, they often include Company Reviews, DIY Maintenance, Seasonal Considerations, and Logistical Challenges.

Take a deeper look at the terms of price and uncover what taking control over maintaining one’s own means.

Get creative with seasonal treatments using natural alternatives rather than synthetic fertilizers as you explore options available in creating the perfect lawn program tailored specifically to you!

Enjoy ultimate control over every aspect of your outdoor living space without headaches or extra costs – take this opportunity now to make sure it looks picture perfect all year round.

Additional Information

Gain deeper insight into lawn care by exploring the seasonal considerations, logistical challenges, and organic solutions that come with a subscription to Lawnbox. Research product quality reviews online for an informed decision on which is the best choice for your yard’s annual fertilization schedule.

An important consideration in selecting a program will be how much enjoyment you get out of doing it yourself – make sure to share experiences in the comments sections so others know what works best!

Potential Drawbacks

Before making a decision on which lawn care subscription is right for you, consider the potential drawbacks that come with DIY maintenance. Research product quality and customer reviews to ensure they meet your sustainability practices.

Factor in seasonal needs as well as pest control for your specific lawn size, type of products used, and more mundane tasks like mowing or edging.

Lawn Serv

Lawn Serv
Making sure your lawn looks its best isn’t easy. That’s why so many homeowners are turning to Lawn Serv for the perfect subscription service!

This comprehensive plan provides all of the tools and resources you need to keep your yard looking gorgeous year-round, without breaking the bank. With access to organic products, natural fertilizers, and DIY supplies like weed prevention solutions – it’s never been easier or more affordable to get that lush green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Plus, with helpful tips from their team of experts on everything from mowing techniques to proper fertilizer application – this definitely won’t be a project any homeowner will want (or have) to tackle alone!

Everyone wants an aspirational goal of having a beautiful outdoor space they can enjoy given time; now it’s possible with Lawn Serv! Not only do they provide great quality weed control products but also honest information about what works best in different areas across North America so that no matter where you live – you can still achieve success in achieving a stunning outdoor oasis at home!

So if getting started on making those dreams come true is something that interests you – then signing up for one of their amazing plans might just be a good idea worth considering today!.

DoMyOwn Turf Box

DoMyOwn Turf Box
Experience the difference with DoMyOwn Turf Box and get lawn care products that work, fast!

This subscription box offers a variety of fertilizers, weed killers, herbicides, and other turf-specific treatments designed to keep your yard looking its best – all while saving you time and money.

On average, customers have seen up to a 50% reduction in weeds within 6 weeks of using their products!

DoMyOwn Turf Box is an eco-friendly option for those wanting organic solutions without breaking the bank.

Cost comparison shopping will help you determine if this is right for you or not, but customer reviews speak volumes about how well their services work on different types of grasses too.

Plus, they provide a little help from experts, so it’s easy to use what works best in your area with just a few clicks away!

With additional information such as mowing techniques or proper fertilizer application available at the end of this article, it makes sense why people are choosing Lawn Serv over any other options out there today – like Sunday Lawnbright or even Lawnbox subscriptions!

Overall, we can say that by investing in one of these great service packages, not only do you receive professional results but also peace of mind since taking control over yard maintenance has never been easier nor more enjoyable than now when having access to all the main things related to lawn care in one place: DoMyOwn Turf Box!

The Scotts Program

The Scotts Program
Are you looking for a convenient way to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant without breaking the bank? If so, the Scotts Program might be perfect for you. It provides comprehensive solutions that take only 10 minutes to apply, while offering an array of weed prevention benefits along with nourishment during the summer and strengthening before winter.


You’ll find that DoMyOwn Turf Box offers competitive prices to make your lawn care dreams come true without breaking the bank. Plan comparison shopping is easy with their selection of products and customer reviews, giving you all the details on which ones are up for grabs.

And when it comes to budgeting, there’s something here for everyone – from those looking for more affordable options to those seeking out the most expensive ones.

Best of all? You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to save a little bit. DoMyOwn Turf Box has thoughtfully designed plans that cater even to smaller budgets while still delivering quality results!

Do You Need to Subscribe?

Deciding whether to subscribe to a lawn care service can be overwhelming, but with DoMyOwn Turf Box, you don’t have to break the bank for beautiful results. Consider checking customer reviews and verifying that the company is licensed and insured before subscribing.

Subscription boxes offer benefits such as convenience, cost savings, and access to high-quality products and services tailored specifically for your needs.

Sunday, Lawnbright, and Lawnbox are some popular subscription box options offering quality lawn care products delivered directly to your doorstep – giving you more time to enjoy other activities too! Try one today and share experiences about different product offerings in the comments section below so others may benefit from them too!

What’s Included in a Lawn Care Subscription?

Discovering the right lawn care solution for your needs doesn’t have to be a headache – subscribing to one of the 9 high-quality options can make it effortless and enjoyable!

Subscription boxes provide everything you need for successful yard maintenance, from fertilizers and weed killers to soil amendments and more. It’s important that you check customer reviews before signing up with any company; ensure they are licensed and insured too.

With subscription boxes, doing it yourself brings its own satisfaction as you watch your lawn thrive without having to worry about logistics or headaches. Sunday Lawnbright is one great example; Lawnbox offers another option which includes mowing services along with other seasonal treatments so that your grass remains healthy all year round.

There are plenty of opportunities out there if DIY isn’t quite what you’re looking for – share experiences in the comments section below!

No matter how often or how little work goes into maintaining a lush green lawn, everyone can appreciate taking pride in their outdoor space while also enjoying additional activities such as picnics or barbecuing during summer months.

Who Should Buy a Lawn Care Subscription?

Who Should Buy a Lawn Care Subscription?
If you’re looking for a convenient way to keep your outdoor space healthy and beautiful, then a lawn care subscription may be the right choice for you. DIYers can enjoy doing their own work with the satisfaction of seeing the results without having to worry about logistical hassles or headaches associated with lawn maintenance.

Subscription boxes provide all you need – from fertilizers and weed killers to soil amendments – plus product reviews so that customers know what they are getting before signing up.

Benefits such as Sunday Lawnbright, Lawnbox which includes mowing services along with other seasonal treatments so that your grass remains in optimal health year round – make it easy for anyone who wants an attractive yard but doesn’t have much time on their hands! Plus, enjoying activities like barbecues or picnics outdoors can add additional enjoyment during summer months when everything is lush and green.

Doing research on customer reviews prior to subscribing will help ensure users get exactly what they want out of any service package offered by companies providing these subscriptions; confirming if they are licensed and insured provides added peace-of-mind too! So don’t let logistical hassles stand in between you achieving a luxurious outdoor space; explore different options available today through various subscription packages now available:

  • Scotts 4 Step 5000sqft Lawn Care Program
  • Zero G Garden Hose 5/8×100
  • Sunday Lawnbright
  • LawnBox

Take control over how your turf looks this season while avoiding hours of hard labor thanks to these reliable subscription providers – save money even further by doing it yourself instead of hiring someone else do take care of it instead!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of a lawn care subscription?

Discover the cost of a lawn care subscription and take control of your lawn. From custom packages to DIY boxes, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget.

How long does it take to apply a lawn care subscription?

Apply a lawn care subscription quickly and easily! It will only take 10 minutes to cover 5,000 sqft.

Are there any special instructions for using lawn care products?

Always read the label for instructions and safety requirements before using any lawn care product.

Are there any guarantees with a lawn care subscription?

Discover the guarantees of a lawn care subscription and enjoy liberation, power, and control. Make sure the reviews are positive before signing up for a program that fits your needs. Find satisfaction in doing the work yourself with an affordable option that fits your budget.

Are there any additional services included in a lawn care subscription?

Discover the range of services available with a lawn care subscription! From weed prevention to winter strengtheners, you can find what your grass needs. Enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself and know that you have all the tools required for success.


The benefits of a lawn care subscription are undeniable. With a subscription, you have access to the best products on the market, tailored to your lawn’s needs. You can rest assured that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and that your lawn will remain healthy and beautiful year after year.

Even if you’re not sure you want to commit to a subscription, you can still benefit from the convenience and quality of these products. Try one of the 9 high-quality lawn subscription box offers and experience the satisfaction of doing the work yourself.

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