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When to Put Down Pre Emergent [learn Which Month is Best 2023]

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Recognizing when to put down or emergent is half the battle when it concerns efficiently treating your grass against weeds and rogue grasses.

Generally speaking, very early spring and also fall are the best times to put down or emergent That’s because they are both times of the year when the ground is over 50 ° F, completely dry, and wet days happen. Particular pre-emergents might be used during at any time of the year with success, targeting certain bug varieties.

Continue reading below for more information regarding when to put down or emergent, and why, as well as the responses to several closely-related inquiries!

Just how Often Should You Put Down Pre- emergent

Pre-emergents are best applied two times annually, as soon as in the springtime, and also as soon as in the loss. That stated, you might use some items even more than two times (some must be applied up to 4 times per year).

Nonetheless, the majority of weeds start and stop growing around springtime as well as autumn, which is why these 2 times of the year are so important for placing down or emergent

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Can You Put Down Too Much Pre-Emergent?

If you follow the guidelines that feature your pre- emergent product, there is little to be afraid as much as putting down way too much. Yet, it is possible to go crazy, in which instance run-off might occur and the product is lost.

It is very important to keep in mind that utilizing as well much more emergent may also be an ecological violation (depending upon the product and also the state or nation you utilize it in).

Does the Rain Wash Away Pre-Emergent?

Rain does not wash away the emergent unless it was applied with water. Even in those situations, it must rain for this prior to it starts to get rid of the pre- emergent

That is why it is suggested to apply the pre- emergent just when the grass is totally dry.

We search for a short cozy spell in the forecast adhered to by a day or more of light to modest shower, starting at the end of February (right up till May if need be).

What happens if You Don’t Soak Pre-Emergent in with Water?

If you fail to water or emergent all right, it will not saturate into the soil of your yard. That indicates weed as well as wild lawn seeds might still germinate and also infest the lawn.

Although it is best to use the emergent when your lawn is dry, it ought to be adhered to up with an extensive watering so the energetic ingredients pass through the top a couple of inches of the grass’s dirt (where the majority of the seeds of parasite varieties wait to germinate)

If you place down or emergent, and also do not water it all right for it to soak into the grass, you’ll soon notice a poor-looking grass as opposed to one with fewer weeds.

The length of time Before it Rains Does Pre-Emergent Need To Be Put Down?

There is no specific quantity of time prior to it rainfalls that you should place down or emergent Nevertheless, it is recommendable to put it down at the very least a pair of hrs or even more before the water supply begin up.

That method the entire yard is dry throughout the application process as well as you have the ability to extensively spread the pre emergent throughout the grass.

If the yard is damp when you place down the pre emergent, the product might adhere to the blades of yard and also other plants (maintaining it from penetrating the seed zone of the soil).

How Much Rainfall is Bad After Putting Down Pre-Emergent?

We like to watch on the climate network each springtime, and again in the loss when we are intending on placing down or emergent on the grass.

When we see a day or more, that need to accumulate half an inch to an inch of rain, we give a procedure “apply the emergent to the grass” a green light.

If greater than an inch and also a half of water fall within 24 to 48 hrs of treating your yard, it is way too much. Pre emergent will certainly either get rid of or become also weakened, anyway, it won’t be as efficient (if whatsoever).

Can You Put Down Pre-Emergent Twice?

Most pre emergent products are developed for a minimum of two applications per year, though some require a single annual application.

Some pre emergent products, nevertheless, are created lawn applications as typically as every 3 months and just when every 9 months.

Applying the emergent items to your yard greater than the label advises places your yard in jeopardy of having its all-natural growth interrupted.


The best time to put down or emergent products on your lawn is when the grass’s soil is someplace between 50 ° F as well as 60 ° F and completely dry. It also helps if there is a little bit of rainfall in the projection, if not, you require to comply with up with a yard hose pipe or lawn sprinkler system.

The lower line is that the pre emergent must saturate deep enough right into the lawn to avoid weeds and also rogue bug types from emerging as well as wrecking your lawn, which won’t take place if the ground is as well cold, or is currently damp when you place it down

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