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Why Are My Silver Pothos Leaves Curling? (2023)

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There are numerous possible solutions regarding why your pothos leaves are crinkling. Instances of factors consist of insufficient or as well much water, insufficient or excessive light, condition or too expensive temperatures.

Normally, pothos are undemanding houseplants yet if their leaves start to crinkle they need some care. Being quite resilient plants, it is commonly still possible to undo the damages.

Given that there might be greater than one reason you’re silver pothos has crinkling leaves, you may need to try out different services to see which one has the best result. You should be able to see a change in simply a few days.

These are the feasible reasons that silver pothos leaves are crinkling as well as what you can do regarding it.

What Is Silver Pothos?

Silver pothos is a selection of the pothos plant, likewise understood as satin pothos or silver vine. It is a tropical routing plant that does rather well as a houseplant.

This certain pothos varieties has wide heart-shaped leaves A healthy silver pothos will certainly have gray flecks and streaks on its leaves however when in reduced light conditions it will preserve a dark blueish environment-friendly color.

Contrasted to various other pothos ranges, the silver pothos does not route as much which is why it commonly looks fuller. In regards to treatment, there are no considerable distinctions between the numerous pothos selections.

4 Reasons Why Your Silver Pothos Leaves are Curling

There are 4 different elements that can cause the leaves of a silver pothos plant to begin curling. Most of these are environmental variables so just moving your houseplant to much better area might fix the issue.



Among the advantages of pothos plants is that they can grow and endure really well in just water. However, silver pothos planted in soil can have crinkling leaves when there is way too much or inadequate water.

When the soil is as well wet, the plant roots begin to rot, additionally referred to as root rot. Root rot is really negative for plants due to the fact that it avoids them from soaking up all the needed nutrients from the soil, consisting of water.

Therefore, the silver pothos will start curling its leaves which helps it retain water and also nutrients. Black places may additionally appear on the leaves

Overwatering silver pothos can be avoided by keeping them in pots with drainage openings. This purges out the excess water.

The contrary trouble is the dirt being too completely dry Essentially, the exact same takes place; the leaves start to curl to retain the little water that there is left.

This is a rather common trouble due to the fact that people are told that pothos do not need much water that the dirt ought to dry a little before the following watering. The trouble is that the origins ought to constantly have access to moisture as well as some people allow the soil to dry for as well long.

The option is basic; give the silver pothos an excellent watering. Go for an even moisture throughout the soil as well as water it once more when the very first 1 — 2 inches of dirt dries.



Every plant needs sunshine to stay healthy and also every plant grows towards the instructions of the sunshine. If your silver pothos is placed where the sun only comes from one instructions, that is the direction the leaves will be growing towards.

Way too much sunlight might create silver pothos leaves to curl away and also hang reduced. This is easily fixed by moving the plant to an area with less direct sunshine.

As well little sunlight can likewise trigger silver pothos leaves to crinkle towards the local sunlight. Simply relocating the plant to a sunnier area will stop it from crinkling oddly.



Particular insects like consuming the sap from the plant. If there is an insect invasion, your silver pothos leaves may start to crinkle

Bear in mind what goes on in the dirt of your silver pothos and also react promptly when you notice little critters moving around. You will certainly have to spray it with an all-natural insecticide and after that get rid of the dead insects.



The last element that might trigger silver pothos leaves to curl is too expensive temperatures. Silver pothos do not like temperature levels above 85 ° F.

If the room temperature is continually above 85 ° F or if the silver pothos rests in direct sunlight for too long, the leaves may experience. Heat anxiety will certainly trigger the leaves to hang low and curl inwards.

Try to maintain the room temperature in the secure range in between 65 ° F– 85 ° F. If direct sunlight is the perpetrator then, relocate to a shadier area.

Often Asked Questions:

When Should I Water My Silver Pothos?

If the silver pothos is potted in soil, water it when the leading 1 — 2 inches of dirt are really feeling completely dry. The ideal is having an even distribution of wetness throughout all the dirt layers.

Considering the plant itself might additionally provide you a clue on when it needs water. Silver pothos leaves that require watering will certainly begin to hang lower.

Can Silver Pothos Grow in Water?

Yes, silver pothos, like the majority of pothos selections, can endure in a pot filled up with simply water. Nonetheless, this is best booked for pothos vines that you would love to propagate.

Although pothos can stay in both water and dirt, they don’t such as an adjustment in the tool. So, if your pothos can be found in soil, leave it in the dirt as well as just place its clipping in water.

Do Pothos Like to Be Misted?

Pothos don’t such as to be misted– contrary to the prominent saying that misting pothos rises humidity. Misting pothos can trigger the spread of conditions, it does not impact the moisture.

Likewise, regardless of being exotic plants, pothos do not require high moisture to endure. They do just as well in lower humidity conditions.


When silver pothos leaves are curling it is an indicator that they are in less than excellent problems. One of the most typical reasons for why silver pothos leaves crinkles are overwatering to underwatering, excessive straight sunlight, not nearly enough light, direct exposure, insect invasions and warm stress and anxiety.

Luckily, silver pothos recover rather well if you deal with the issue fast sufficient. The way that the leaves hang and also their shade is good indications of whether the plant is healthy.

With the exception of the insect invasion, saving your houseplant needs to not be too hard. They are low maintenance houseplants that can endure a couple of days of bad problems.

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