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Why is My Lawnmower Sputtering? (2023)

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A grouchy mower will certainly refrain from doing a good work cutting grass. If your lawnmower is coughing, downing, as well as sputtering, it may be time for a little routine maintenance to get it back on its feet once more. There is excellent information! With a bit of troubleshooting, there is a simple remedy to a sputtering lawn mower the majority of the moment.

Exactly how lawn mower engine functions

A mower engine resembles cars and truck engine, only smaller sized. Just like cars and truck, a mower has a carburetor that blends fuel and also air prior to it reaches the engine. The gas is fired up by an ignition system. This is why it is called a combustion engine. The engine rotates to make sure that the mower blades engage as well as rotate.

Reasons for a sputtering mower and also exactly how to fix it

Issue: Moisture in the gas line

There should not be any type of wetness in the gas line or the fuel container. Dampness can enter the fuel line from condensation, a loose gas cap, or the gas container. Despite just how the moisture obtains in, it will create issues. The dampness might block the ignition procedure and also create sputtering.


You can prevent this issue by examining the gas container for wetness prior to pouring the gas into the lawn mower. See to it the gas cap is on tight, so no moisture obtains in.

If there is currently moisture in the gas line or gas tank, drain pipes the infected fuel out of the lawn mower and also change it with brand-new fuel. Be cautious to dispose of old gas effectively.

Trouble: Dirty air filter

A dirty air filter is the most typical wrongdoer for a sputtering mower. A clogged or unclean air filter can interrupt that necessary blend of gas and also air to the burning chamber. You might also see your lawnmower sputtering as well as cigarette smoking.


Some mowers have disposable paper filters. Proprietors ought to alter the filters annually. A reusable foam filter can be cleaned up with meal soap and water, after that wrung completely dry. It’s a good idea to get rid of the air filter every number of weeks as well as drink it out or blow it off to keep the air moving smoothly.

Trouble: Malfunctioning trigger plugs

The ignition system is the resource of the trigger that fires up the gas as well as air blend. A worn out or malfunctioning trigger plug will certainly make the lawn mower tough to begin, and also it might trigger sputtering.


There are 2 parts of the ignition system to inspect. First off, check the firing idea. If the idea is unclean or curved, clean it, and also improve it with a steel brush. Inspect the porcelain real estate outside of the spark plug. If it is cracked, the ignition system demands to be replaced.

Problem: Grass accumulation

Turf can accumulate in the lawn mower deck, specifically with high or damp yard. The lawn will certainly develop in the lawn mower deck rather than leaving the mower, either to the grass or to a bag. All this clumped-up turf can create sputtering.


Clear out the yard! Get rid of the ignition system prior to you hand over your lawn mower. Scratch away the built-up lawn from the base of the lawn mower. Transform it over and change the trigger plug.

Issue: Fuel problems

Dirty Gas Can

The cheapest gas alternative at the pump is usually at the very least 10% ethanol. Ethanol might work well for your vehicle, yet your mower probably won’t like it. Ethanol has a tendency to shed quicker and may melt plastic parts in the lawn mower.

Ethanol will additionally go bad gradually. If the gas has actually been sitting in your lawn mower or gas can for some time, it might trigger your mower to sputter.


Drain all the old fuel from the lawnmower right into a container. Make sure the gas lines and carburetor are cleared, also. Change the gas with ethanol-free gas.

Issue: Dirty fuel filters

The fuel filter permits the gas to stream to the engine. If the filter is obstructed or obstructed, the stream of gas is interrupted.


Adjustment the gas filter! Make changing the gas filter part of your annual lawn mower upkeep regimen.

Problem: Dirty carburetors

Do you have a filthy carburetor? Gradually, the carburetor ends up being home to layers of gunky deposits as a byproduct of combustion.


Clean the carburetor frequently. Use a quick spray of carburetor cleaner spray before or after you cut.

Problem: Malfunctioning carburetors

If your carburetor is tidy, your gas is perfect, as well as all your filters are clear, yet the lawn mower is still sputtering, there may be various other issues with the carburetor. The precise mix of fuel and also air produced by the carburetor are essential to keep your mower running. If the ratio is off, the mower will certainly have concerns.


Carburetor repair services may need expert aid. Unless you’re experienced with little engine repair service, take your lawnmower to a relied on expert for a repair service.

Problem: Bad gas cap

The gas cap on a lawn mower is made to allow in a small quantity of air, yet not too much. Excessive air can trigger a vapor lock in the gas tank, leading to that bothersome sputtering audio.


This is an easy one! Just change the gas cap.

Often Asked Questions

Repairing a Lawn Mower

Why does my mower pulsate?

A pulsing, shaking, or riding lawn mower is possibly as a result of one of the reasons mentioned above. Examine the air filter initially. Sometimes, a clean air filter is all you require for an efficiently running engine.

Why is my lawn mower not running efficiently?

If the mower starts well but after that sputters and passes away, the problem is possibly not the trigger plug. Examine the filters, as well as make sure you are utilizing the ideal fuel.

How do you take care of a mower that sputtering?

As you can see from the checklist above, there are several reasons a lawnmower could sputter. Beginning by altering the air filter as well as changing to an ethanol-free gas. If the mower is still sputtering, make sure the deck, fuel filter, trigger plugs, and carburetor are tidy.

What do I do if I place bad gasoline in my mower?

Drain all of the old gas out of the lawn mower. Separate the fuel lines. See to it to remove the gas from the carburetor as well. You could use a siphon tube to eliminate the gas. Change the poor fuel with ethanol-free gas.

Last Thoughts

Get your lawn mower running smoothly again! A lot of these solutions fast, easy, and also cost-effective. Keep your mower running efficiently in the future with routine cleaning and also upkeep.

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