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Worx 32-volt Gt2.0 String Trimmer/edger/mini-mower Review (2022)

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This 3-in-1 trimmer, lawn edger, and mini-mower is terrific for nearly any kind of small lawn job.

Each of the 3 highlights that compose the WORX device are made possible by the ergonomic as well as light-weight layout. The rotating shaft as well as wheels make transitioning in between these 3 attributes very easy and fast.

The WORX 32-Volt GT 2. 0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower takes cutting, edging, as well as cutting to an entire brand-new degree. You can do the job of three makers making use of just one. It might seem unlikely that the equipment can successfully integrate these 3 functions in one device, but this little baby does it.

I’ve haven’t had an opportunity yet to use this WORX equipment however based on the plenty of evaluations I’ve gone through; I would certainly state it’s a strong competitor contrasted to other cordless leaners. It might not be as strong or as tough as other business design versions, but this leaner will certainly get the work done.

Here are some attributes to consider when considering this leaner.


  • Easy storage: the shaft size is flexible, and it conveniently hangs on the wall surface
  • Versatility: as specified in the name, this equipment can do 3 jobs: trimming, bordering, and mowing
  • Lightweight: considers simply a little over 6 pounds.


  • Brief battery life: numerous reviews say that the battery quits working after 1 year
  • Battles in thick lawn: not fantastic for thicker grass/weeds
  • Too Short: taller individuals report difficulties/discomfort since the shaft doesn’t extend much enough

Trick Features

  • 32V from the lithium-ion battery offers reasonably outstanding as well as constant power for between 30-45 min of constant use prior to requiring to be reenergized
  • GT 2. 0 supplies a much longer run time and also even more power to work with a backyard
  • 12-inch cutting swath indicates less work time and also even more effective trimming time
  • Converts to a precision edger or mini lawn mower in secs
  • Dual-positioned in-line rubberized wheels make the edging as well as cutting attributes very easy
  • Lightweight body that only evaluates regarding 6 pounds as well as is almost easy to lug around
  • Complete 90 ° head tilt to make trimming in those leggings rooms simple with the wheels efficiently rolling along the edge
  • Features a 100% single line feed, so there’s no demand to bump feed
  • Equipped with a spacer guard to shield your flowers, plants, and various other components that can be damaged with a leaner

Item Review

The WORX 32-Volt GT 2. 0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower with Tilting Head and Single Line Feed is an useful as well as feature-filled machine that is terrific for smaller sized lawns. This is an excellent equipment considering just how light-weight it is as well as how little the battery/motor is.


The 32 Volt lithium-ion battery runs quite well, however some customers seem completely satisfied as well as others not as much. The battery life for a single use lasts between 30-45 minutes. This time framework seems to stay pretty regular throughout all evaluations. The two less than completely satisfied review subjects I discovered regarding the battery was its 1 year life as well as 3 hour fee time.

Though the fee time is insane long, I did see many evaluations that stated that the charge time shortens after the battery is barged in.

Line Feeding

The single line feeding spool appears to be both an upside and a downside of this device. In one regard it’s bothersome due to the fact that it is a discomfort to handle as well as is claimed not to unspool quickly. Nevertheless, the upside to the spool function is that WORX will replace the spool for the lifetime of the maker, so the user does not need to bother with responding the line.

Side Note: though WORX changes the spool, some testimonials whine that the line is not wound properly and also gets caught so the customer needs to relax and also rewind the line prior to it can be made use of.

Bordering Mowing

This multi-use attribute is among the layout top qualities that make this machine so desirable. The dual-positioned in-line rubberized wheels make bordering smooth and also straight as well as aids in the mowing element as well. The wheels turn the equipment right into a small lawn mower and keep the already lightweight body also simpler to handle. Additionally, it’s very simple to alter the head setting for each function.

The shaft rotates a full 90 ˚ effortlessly, and the deals with are also flexible with individual comfort in mind.

Overall, the bordering and also mowing functions were obtained well by the evaluating neighborhood.


The 32 Volt and GT 2. 0 offer this 3-in-1 leaner, edger, mower a remarkable quantity of power for its dimension. Though users assert this device does not work well in thicker brush or weeds, it functions wonderful for routine lawn growth. As long as you don’t attempt to press the electric motor as well hard, you will not have an issue with this maker.

In conclusion, it appears that nearly everybody enjoys with the power level of this maker.

Thanks for Reading

This WORX 32-Volt GT 2. 0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower with Tilting Head and also Single Line Feed is a fantastic little multi-tool for people who go into utilizing it with practical expectations.

Most consumers didn’t have much to complain regarding with this WORX trimmer, edger, mower combination. Besides the size, brief run time, and life of the battery, there actually had not been much negative thoughts shown towards this maker.

To really drive my bottom line house regarding this equipment, I would certainly much like to aim once again out that this equipment is not a strong, extremely powerful maker as well as if a user agrees to collaborate with the power constraints and a few other “drawbacks” this maker will work terrific.

If you offer it a practical chance, it might just stun you!

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