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Worx Aerocart Review (2023)

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Although the tag was only developed in 2004, the Worx brand has actually swiftly become identified with top quality as well as durability. Worx produces a variety of outside power equipment and various other related equipment, like chainsaws, trimmers, as well as grass mowers.

One of the most recent enhancement to their item schedule is the Worx Aerocart. It is called an “all-purpose, 8 in 1 moving company, carrier, as well as lifter” that will certainly aid in lightening each as well as every lot. It is normally the top of the list when compared to traditional garden carts and wheelbarrows.

It converts from a wheelbarrow to a garden cart to a hand truck with a very little amount of initiative. In both professional and also customer implemented examinations, the Aerocart has actually met most, otherwise all, of the maker’s cases.

Due to the fact that it has 2 wheels, it offers one extremely vital advantage over wheelbarrows: there is no risk that it will tip over when carrying a hefty tons. The pneumatically-driven tires are large as well as large sufficient to stay steady also when it is being made use of on grass, light mud, or other soft surface areas. Due to the fact that the tires are non-inflatable, it eliminates the possibility that they will go level in between usages.

Keep reading to figure out more regarding what the Worx Aerocart needs to offer!


  • The Aerocart supplies a thorough work system that will instantaneously convert to the desired application.
  • Application conversion is tool-free.
  • The extra-large, pneumatically-driven tires will certainly never need to blow up.
  • The trademarked layout instantly adjusts to fit for the lots’s center of mass, which makes tons much easier to balance and lug.
  • All steel buildings and construction enhance the long life as well as durability of the Aerocart.


  • minus-circleUsers have actually complained regarding the high quality of Worx’s customer support.
  • minus-circleIt would certainly be good if the Worx Aerocart had a bigger tons ability.

Secret Features

  • The Aerocart’s frame is made from solid steel.
  • It has an optimum weight ability of 300 extra pounds.
  • The ergonomic lift style makes the wheelbarrow feel much lighter than it in fact is.
  • A fold-out extension arm can be used to bring little trees, flower pots, mulch bags, as well as various other things.
  • The Aerocart can be made use of as a blossom pot mover, a dolly, cylindrical tube carrier, bag owner, and trailer moving company.
  • Devices consisted of in the purchase of the Aerocart are a cylinder owner, a blossom pot band, bag owner, as well as fit together rock mover.
  • Lots totally free, the Aerocart considers only 49 pounds– making it conveniently manoeuvrable for the majority of individuals.


As a result of its multifunctional use, the Worx Aerocart is a perfect device for any kind of gardening enthusiast to have in their garage or tool shed. The structure of the Aerocart is crafted from powder-coated steel, which considerably increases its longevity. It has an optimum weight capacity of 300 pounds as well as a quantity capability of around three cubic feet. One of the handiest functions of this version is the fact that it has 2 dolly arms.

The first dolly arm has a deepness of five inches, and it has an optimum lots ability of 300 extra pounds. The extensive dolly procedures a generous 24 inches, however its max weight capacity is just 80 pounds.

For the majority of users, it has taken approximately 10 to 15 mins to place the Aerocart together after taking it out of the package. The simplicity of setting up is something that has been much appreciated by users. The Aerocart features well-designed, simple pictorial assembly overview. Other accessories consisted of in the purchase of the Aerocart consist of a bag owner, a barrel stabilizer, the dolly expansion, as well as the dolly platform.

As aforementioned, the Aerocart’s one-of-a-kind two-wheel layout offers a conclusive mechanical advantage over traditional wheelbarrows. It can easily be used in sand, turf, as well as other soft surfaces without needing to stress over it penetrating the ground. Because the tires are pneumatically-driven, there is no need to reinflate them constantly– nor bother with them decreasing in between usages.

The main downside of the Aerocart, when contrasted to a wheelbarrow, is that it has about fifty percent of the lugging capability. Similarly, the lengthened size of the Aerocart makes it sometimes challenging to maneuver around tight corners.

Lots of buyers have appreciated the intense orange color of the Aerocart for the extra exposure it provides. Not only does it make it easy to discover the wheelbarrow in the yard, but it also supplies increased presence to others while the customer is functioning.

Likewise, customers have actually additionally applauded the near-vertical upright positioning of the Aerocart. This considerably minimizes the amount of area it needs during storage, as well as upright, this lawn tool measures just 58 inches high with a 22-inch girth. Since this device is developed to replace multiple different backyard tools, there will certainly be, theoretically, less things that need to be saved in your garage.

The Aerocart does not call for any kind of particular maintenance in itself; however, mostly all users recommend keeping it in a shed or garage. About a quarter of those who stored the Aerocart outdoors saw its components begin to corrosion within three to 6 months. Although Worx uses a powder coated steel in its construction that is created to hinder rust, the material’s efficiency at doing so might be compromised by duplicated exposure to the aspects.

The Worx Aerocart is covered by a three-year, limited service warranty from the supplier as well as a 90-day refund guarantee.

Thanks for Reading!

Generally, the Worx Aerocart has enjoyed mostly favorable testimonials from customers. It successfully executes a lot of the tasks it promotes; nonetheless, some individuals questioned the high rate tag.

The Aerocart is excellent for people that can not conveniently maneuver a full-sized traditional wheelbarrow, and its tiny size is helpful to maneuverability in tight confines and also to storage. Nevertheless, its minimal load capability might not be sufficient for significant gardeners.

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